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There are viable options to cab companies

How could you completely miss the existence of “the Ride Connection” in your editorial (“Subsidies not the answer for wheelchair-accessible cabs,” News-Times, Aug. 5 issue) regarding transportation, and the issue of those with disability not being able to access TriMet regular routes, and other desired locations?

Door to door service is provided by this link, yet you dropped the ball on even mentioning it. You even failed to mention the ability of Grove Link to carry mobility impaired clients to TriMet routes. I know your focus was on cab companies and their competition; but transportation issues around mobility impairment in particular go way beyond the scope you chose, and viable options to traditional and non-traditional cab service are available. Gary R. Eddings

Forest Grove

Republicans choose to deny scientific truths

Dr. Benjamin Sommers of Harvard proved that for every 500,000 people who get Medicaid, 2,840 deaths are prevented per year. This is scientific proof that Medicaid saves lives.

And yet, Republican governors in 20 states have rejected Medicaid to millions of Americans, leading to thousands of unnecessary deaths every year. This is happening right now, here in the U.S.A.

Dr. Samuel Dickman of Harvard has documented the death toll in each state, per year (“Opting out of Medicaid, the health and financial impacts,” Health Affairs Blog, Jan. 30, 2014). Medical science denied.

And 97 percent of climate scientists, worldwide, agree that climate change is real and caused by man. Republicans have opposed all attempts at addressing this problem. Climate science denied.

Finally, scientists invented the nuclear weapon. They understand the science of nuclear weapons and nuclear proliferation. The Iran nuclear agreement is basically a scientific agreement. The nuclear scientists of the major nuclear powers — U.S., Britain, Germany, France, China and Russia — all are confident the agreement will block all the pathways for Iran to build a nuclear weapon and believe the agreement will make the United States, Israel and the world safer. Republicans oppose the deal. Nuclear science denied.

Republicans’ refusal to learn science, understand science, or respect science is killing Americans and damaging the planet Earth. If Republicans get their way and kill the Iran deal, which will ruin our best chance of peaceably preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, that will, according to many national security experts, also lead to inevitable unilateral military action by the U.S. against Iran. (“Bipartisan group of 60 senior national security leaders endorse the Iran deal,” Jim Lobe, Lobe Log, July 20, 2015).

Robert L. Seward

Forest Grove