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Letter to the editor

Drip irrigation best way to water gardens

On behalf of the Forest Grove Community Gardens, I would like to express thanks for the article in the July 29 newspaper (News-Times, “Sustainability a focus of city grant programs”) about how we will be using our Community Enhancement Program grant from the city.

However, one important clarification needs to be made. While it is possible to waste water using any type of watering system, drip irrigation is by far the most efficient way to water gardens. In fact, we will be subsidizing our gardeners’ purchase of drip irrigation systems with funds from the CEP grant.

Ellen Hastay

Forest Grove

TriMet should not have provided free parking at fair

What a fabulous fair that was put on by Washington County. The fair was so well organized; the parking was well regulated; the concessionaires were great; the vendors were awesome; food just great; and the entertainment was out of this world. Washington County put on its best fair ever. 

What I can’t understand is, why TriMet would allow free parking in its fair complex parking structure? The fair struggles every year with its finances, and then you have a government agency like TriMet or MAX to allow free parking for a great event, whereas admission is free, the fair only asks $7 for parking to help pay for this fabulous event — then you have this government agency (TriMet) offering free parking right next door to the fair.

What is wrong with TriMet, have they no consideration for community events, have they no compassion or empathy for other government agencies trying to entertain the community with family activities? 

I am thoroughly disgusted with TriMet for not working with the Washington County Fair program by regulating the parking structure so the fairgrounds could bring in more revenue for this wonderful event.

And for you “Freeloaders” who took advantage of TriMet’s ignorance, all I can say about you is “shame on you.”

Robert H. Davis