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Public needs to get involved in Intel’s air permit process

More than 50 emission stacks can be seen from Brookwood Parkway; by viewing the Intel Ronler Acres campus from all sides, you can imagine toxic emissions being released into the air.

Many stacks make toxic air emissions. Intel is applying to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to be allowed to release into the air, per year: 38 tons of particulate matter; 32 tons of coarse particular matter (PM10); 28 tons of small particulate matter (PM2.5).

Particulate matter can cause breathing and pulmonary problems — especially the very small particulate, because it enters directly into the lungs. Also released: 39 tons of sulfur dioxide; 95 tons of nitrogen oxides; 178 tons of volatile organic compounds, which cause many health-related problems; 6.4 tons of fluorides such as difluoromethane, hydrofluoric acid, sulfur hexafluoride and ammonium fluoride. Silica is also released, and it can cause pulmonary fibrosis. Intel is proposing to emit up to 26 tons of hazardous air pollutants, which include 8.7 tons of hydrogen chloride, 3.7 tons of bromoform, 8.97 tons of hydrogen fluoride, and 1.7 tons of hexane.

Contact the DEQ for information about the mutual agreement and order Intel and the Environmental Quality Commission signed that resulted in Intel being fined $143,000 for:

n Failing to notify DEQ of its fluorides emissions for the purpose of regulating Intel as required by OAR;

n Beginning constructing of Fab D1X and Fab 20 without first obtaining the proper construction approval as required by OAR; and

n Failing to obtain a permit to emit fluorides, a regulated pollutant, as required by OAR.

You have the opportunity to become involved in public hearings concerning Intel’s application for a construction permit, and a Title V Air Contaminate Discharge Permit.

Ask your newspapers, local officials and DEQ about receiving notifications about those hearings. Contact deq.info@deq.state.or.us or call 503-229-5696.

Dale Feik

Forest Grove


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