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Former state rep says Alley best choice for governor

As a member of the Oregon House of Representatives, I saw first hand the culture of our state government in Salem. While many of the folks in Salem are sincere, hard working legislators, they simply lack the expertise and skills to fix the serious issues plaguing our state.

Despite five thousand bills passed in the last decade, Oregon remains behind the curve, and behind the rest of the country. Real median household income in Oregon remains nearly $2,500 behind the national median income, and over $10,000 below our neighboring states of California and Washington. In fact, all of Oregon’s neighboring states — California, Idaho and Washington — saw median household income rise in 2014, while ours stayed flat. Not to mention our stubbornly high unemployment rate which

has consistently remained higher than the national average.

These are the results of thirty years of one party rule in Salem.

That is why I am proud to support Republican Allen Alley for governor. As an entrepreneur working in the private sector, Allen used his skills and expertise to turn an idea and $10,000 into a billion-dollar company, paying hundreds of Oregon families livable wages. As Governor, he will take those skills honed in the private sector to Salem. He will approach problems differently and proactively apply bold solutions. Allen will bring desperately needed new life to Salem, and our state.

I invite you to join me in supporting Allen Alley for governor in 2016.

Shawn Lindsay