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We must work for a more peaceful America

I worshiped this morning in Charleston, South Carolina, where one year ago an act of domestic terrorism took the lives of nine people attending Bible study.

Just one year later we are mourning a terrorist attack at an Orlando nightclub, where over fifty gay Americans have been killed. Such mass killings are made too easy by the prevalence of assault weapons in our nation, and gun safety laws that differ from community to community.

In Charleston, a white Christian, fueled by racism, murdered African-Americans. In Orlando, preliminary reports suggest an Islamic terrorist targeted gay Americans.

There is nothing holy about hate. Our religious bodies must do more to promote love over conflict, and faith communities and civil bodies must join forces to dramatically reduce gun violence.

We must mourn our dead while working for a more peaceful America. Americans should not have to fear violence in our schools, houses of worship, malls, nightclubs or movie theaters.

Rev. Chuck Currie

Director, Center for Peace & Spirituality

Pacific University

Why were old trees cut down?

Forest Grove is “a Tree City,” right? Then why were the trees at the corner of 21st and Hawthorne allowed to be destroyed?

Apparently, the property is slated by

its owners (“Henes Jackson Properties”)

for a 28-unit apartment complex, and the

trees were in the way. According to what I read in the city development code, they

must be replaced, but it will take years before any replacement tree will reach a useful


It would’ve been nice if the old trees could have been incorporated into the plan. But again the question: why were the old trees cut down before the planning commission

has given approval for the new development? Are things being done strictly in proper order?

Harold Hutchison

Forest Grove