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Intel story was far from objective

I found your article (“Intel deal gets green light,” News-Times, Sept. 3 issue) to be more like a puff piece for Intel than objective reporting.

You made no mention of those who testified against the Strategic Investment Program agreement. This is not fair and balanced journalism, but quite the opposite.

Russ Dondero

Forest Grove

Happy birthday to the local Rotary Club

It was my pleasure to attend the Forest Grove Noon Rotary Club’s 90th birthday celebration last week as a citizen of Forest Grove, a member of the Forest Grove Daybreak Rotary Club, and the assistant governor of the west region of our Rotary district.

The service the proud members of this club provide to Forest Grove has been outstanding. During that time they have provided over $1 million in scholarship funding to students from our area as well many other projects. George Horner and Warren Lancaster were the highlight of the meeting, both being members of the club for over 60 years. They provided insight about the people and projects of the club over that time.

Well done, gentlemen. And well done Forest Grove Noon Rotary Club.

Larry Hatch

Forest Grove

Wehby campaign corrupted by Koch brothers’ millions

Oregon U.S. Senate races often bring out the best and worst in Oregonians. In this case, the worst are not Oregonians at all.

Dollars to the tune of $3.6 million from the Koch brothers (“Wehby gets tangled in money web,” News-Times, Aug. 13 issue) — neither of whom are Oregonians — are being poured into the Monica Wehby Senate campaign. The money is to help with television advertisement through the Koch’s political action committee, Freedom Partners Action Fund, which the Koch brothers created in 2011.

This type of money sends a clear message not of a moderate platform, but of a hard right-wing agenda of the Koch brothers.

U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley stands for hope and progress. Since the “Citizens United” case ruled that money is speech, Jeff Merkley and his supporters’ speech is worth a lot of money. So, speak out and let them know that — as in the lyrics of “Forever in Blue Jeans” — “Money talks, but it can’t sing, and it can’t walk.”

Let’s start singing about clean air, excellence in public schools, health care for all and a strong Social Security system. Let’s walk in the direction that gets us there.

The talking money of the Koch brothers walks backwards and sings a song meant to bring the blues.

Michael Jeffery


Labor advocate is wearing rose-colored glasses

Ms. Callie Vandewiele (“Honoring hard-earned workers’ rights,” News-Times, Aug. 27 issue) looks at history through rose-colored glasses.

For one thing, she is crediting political advocacy for the improved working conditions, rather than the simple fact that the market in an increasingly rich country was driving wages up anyway. Then she forgets that the labor movement was concerned with driving up wages by keeping competitors such as Irish and blacks out of jobs — a condition that continues to this day for blacks, many of whom have become a permanently unemployable underclass at least in part through the action of the minimum wage.

She also ignores the role of the politicization of labor in driving jobs offshore, and in favoring big business over their smaller competitors (who don’t have the resources to contend with innumerable regulations).

She ought to try getting out of the academic world and starting her own business, so she can discover how the world really works.

Paul Bonneau


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