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Measure 34-267 will support Cornelius infrastructure

Some 40,000 vehicles daily drive through downtown Cornelius, often creating congestion for local residents. Yet most of those motorists are just passing through and have little investment in the city.

Ballot Measure 34-267 will bring more equity to that. The proposal raises the city’s current fuel tax from two cents to four cents per gallon. No organized opposition has emerged to this modest measure.

Cornelius voters approved the original two-cent-per-gallon tax as a trade-off six years ago, in return for the city stopping collection of a monthly $2.25 streetlight fee. The measure legally requires the city to use the fuel revenue exclusively for improvement, operation and maintenance of Cornelius streets.

The existing tax has raised more than $1.6 million since it was enacted five years ago for street paving in the city. Much remains to be done to improve residential streets in Cornelius and Measure 34-267 is reasonable method to help that.