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Facebook commenters take on 'Build a wall'

Hundreds of people posted comments on Facebook about the “Build a Wall” slogan and last week’s banner hanging and walkout at Forest Grove High School.

Here is a sample of postings gleaned from social media (some have been trimmed for space reasons, and the posts have not been edited for grammar or spelling):

Kristina Bragdon: Our media needs to really change back to informing, instead of assuming, and subsequently flooding the public with the wrong message. “Build A Wall” and the whole subject of Racism are being intertwined, when they are literally two separate issues being interpreted incorrectly.

Lourdes Colon: I think it’s terrible that any kid could write something like this knowing many have families they are talking about building that wall to separate their loved ones.

Heather Primeaux: I love that these kids have the ability to express themselves but they can’t call someone “privileged little white boy,” then claim racism because of a banner ... I am not claiming victim status. And BTW, my kids in that school are half Hispanic.

Rachel Hanna: I am not supportive of the students bullying your students for their political beliefs nor am I supportive of the sign.

Amy Flaig: What I can’t wrap my head around is people saying that ... you’re a racist because you believe in CLOSED BORDERS ... I love all races and nationalities and frankly don’t give a crap what color your skin is. If you are a hard working citizen, pay taxes, love and support the country you live in, don’t cause crimes, and are here LEGALLY — you ROCK!!!! If not, GET THE HECK OUT!

Shayna Lynn: And our European ancestors followed the law by coming here and brutally murdering thousands of natives, raping their women and killing their children?... Just because there were no (official immigration) laws does not mean that what our European ancestors did was right. Morally, it was wrong.

Sheena Maness Bills: All it says is build a wall, that’s it. Nothing more. People are such pansies. So its OK for some to have free speech but not OK for others? I support the students that put this up.

Michelle Martinez: Both sides have a right to free speech! There is never any coverage when Christians are offended by leftist rhetoric in schools.

Andrea Claiborne: This is not a race issue. Media is making it a race issue. It’s directed towards illegals. I don’t approve what was hung up but we don’t need to bring race into this to get the upper hand. I’ve already seen hatred towards white people with what has happened. People need to quit being ignorant and realize it’s about illegals not race.

Jesus Navarro: If it’s not about race why does trump directly say Mexicans?

Heather Primeaux: My kids get called racist/bigot/ignorant for supporting Trump. Building a wall to protect our borders from illegals, child traffickers, drug smuggling is NOT

racist and the slogan is NOT a racist slogan. Period.

Rachael Parker: Think about what it would take for you to pick up and sneak into a different country where you had to hide your existence and be a second class citizen. these people aren’t coming here for vacation. they are coming here out of desparation which is in part fueled by our actions as a global citizen.

Eren Oropeza: Did you know that America took parts of Mexico and that’s what made mexicans illegal. When originally it was their land?

Jayde Hansen: Those students are not saying you can’t support Trump. They are saying that using a slogan that is clearly associated with racism is wrong.

Tina Tackett La Casse: Securing our borders is not in itself racist. Saying that Mexicans are rapists ... is. The students who hung this sign did it to be inflammatory. A wall will do nothing to stop drugs as the cartel builds tunnels. And I hope everyone who wants to deport anyone here illegally has a plan to grow their own food or is a member of a CSA. Just ask (the state of) Georgia about their house bill that caused an exodus of migrant workers. It tanked their agricultural for years.

Amy Flaig: There are tons of so called “white kids” that work hard, low paying jobs! My cousins work for Unger Farms so don’t even start with the comment “white people don’t want the jobs”!!