by: PHOTO COURTESY CASEY CAMPBELL - Tylor Neist of Red Sneaker Chamber Orchestra performed and conducted the original score of Kabuki Titus. Now the score is being released on CD.Anyone moved by the score to Bag&Baggage’s July production, “Kabuki Titus,” has a chance to listen to the music anytime they’d like.

The score is being issued on compact disc and is available for pre-order on the Bag&Baggage website for $15.

Tylor Neist, a violist by trade and a graduate of the Manhatten School of Music and Boston University, developed a streamlined soundtrack that took cues from Japanese Kabuki and Noh theater, while including twists for an audience in Hillsboro.

“Japanese music includes classes of songs, such as “mountain songs.” In Japan, when the audience hears one of those, they recognize it and they understand the shorthand meaning it gives to the action on stage,” Neist said in a press release about the project. “I’m working to do the same things in a way that a Western audience will understand, while retaining elements of Japanese style.”

Neist created idioms for each character in the bloody Shakespeare play “Titus,” to accommodate the spare adaptation of the play by Bag&Baggage artistic director Scott Palmer.

The play, one of Shakespeare’s bloodiest, took an austere turn on the stage in the style of the highly-formal structure of traditional Japanese kabuki theater.

“The music must acknowledge all these aspects, and incorporate elements of Japanese music and tradition to complement the kabuki culture,” Neist said.”

The music was performed by an ensemble of musicians. Neist composed the music and played violin. He was joined by Hillary Schoap on viola, Dale Tolliver on cello, Elise Blatchford on flute and Mitsuki Dazai on Koto. Will Reno and Ian Kerr played percussion.

The CD was mixed and mastered by Doug Jenkins, artistic director of the Portland Cello Project.

For more information, or to buy the CD, visit Bag&Baggage online at

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