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Local quilters work on display at Portland gallery

First a painter, Richard Rosenfeld has turned to quilting in more recent years

Artists tend to see the world through different perspectives than others - perspectives informed by their individual practices.

Forest Grove artist Richard Rosenfeld has spent his entire life as a painter. He received a master's degree in the art, and has produced works throughout his career based on brush hitting canvas.

Now, at age 79, Rosenfeld has taken his painter's eye and applied it to a very different media: quilting. Rosenfeld is currently displaying two quilted wall hangings at Northwest Portland's Gallery 114's as part of the exhibit 'Exit Winter,' on display through Jan. 28. Rosenfeld is among 22 artists participating in the juried display.

The retired Grover says he began quilting with the birth of the first of his five grandchildren, and hasn't stopped since.

From afar, it would be easy to mistake Rosenfeld's intricate works for paintings, and the artist says much of that is due to the fact that he has spent his life in front of an easel, not a sewing machine, and as such, he is used to spending endless hours guaranteed his artistic vision comes properly to life.

'I approach quilting from a painter's point of view. If I don't like what I see, I have to scrub back down to the beginning and start again,' says Rosenfeld. 'Some people can sit down at a sewing machine and knock out a quilt in a day. All of mine are original designs. I have some pieces I'm working on that are at least two years old. Everything I've done I've done from an original point of view.'

The artist, who incorporates beads and other materials, says he has found a new passion in quilting, and vows to keep pursuing the art form until he has perfected it.

'My basic motto is, if you don't learn, you're dead,' says Rosenfeld. 'Thinking keeps the mind going.'

'Exit Winter' is on display through Jan. 28 at Gallery 114, 1100 NW Glisan St., Portland. To learn more, call 503-243-3356 or visit gallery114.org.