Justin Newhams brings Tarot card expertise to Walters Center

Justin William Newhams is not a fortune teller. Nor is he a psychic, prophet or medium.

He is, he says, an intuitive.

Armed with a deck of Tarot cards used as a conduit between himself and the universe, Newhams claims to possess a natural gift for guiding people toward the goals they wish to accomplish. His passion for the Tarot has led him to explore its artwork, patterns, and symbols and how they connect us as beings.

He’ll be sharing his insights in a lecture, “Archetypes of the Tarot,” at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15, in the Walters Cultural Arts Center, 527 E. Main St. in Hillsboro.

At age 24, Newhams picked up a deck of 52 playing cards to experiment with a memory-improving technique that used word and number associations.

The concept of cards began to intrigue him and he was soon researching everything from baseball cards to card games to, ultimately, the Tarot.

The 78 Tarot cards are pictorial representations of certain social, philosophical and astronomical ideas — devil, tower, sun, lovers, hanged man — that are used to gain wisdom through intuition.

They sparked a spiritual awakening for Newhams.

“I had no idea what I was actually holding when I first acquired a deck of Tarot cards,” he said. All I knew was that it was meant to be in my hands ...with it, I was going to be able to improve the person I was.”

Now, five years later, Newhams says he’s still early in his studies of “the deeper wisdom connected to the Tarot.”

He doesn’t identify with a particular card because the universe is ever-changing, he said, so each situation can call for a different reading.

Newhams hopes to ignite an interest in the Tarot and help modern people experience otherwise inaccessible concepts.

“My general intentions are to empower individuals to take the reins of their own destiny.”

Newhams said he’s comfortable facing those who are “skeptical regarding the Tarot.” But rather than try to convert someone to his beliefs, he prefers to sit with them during a reading and let them decide on their own whether they get anything out of it.

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