by: COURTESY PHOTO - Lars Nordstrom translates literature and researches Swedish immigration in Oregon and American. Hell be at the Forest Grove City Library tonight. A little Sweden with your Oregon?

Lars Nordström will be at the Forest Grove Library tonight, Jan. 15, from 6:30 to 8 p.m., to present wide-ranging oral histories from Swedes and their descendants who made their way to Oregon in the 20th Century.

Nordström, author of “Swedish Roots, Oregon Lives,” tells true stories of immigrants and documented family history. The work gathers 15 wide-ranging oral histories from the thousands and thousands of Swedes who settled in Oregon. In the work, the immigrants’ stories “speak of dreams of a better life, of an enduring allegiance to family, work and ethnic heritage.”

Nordström, who was born in 1954 in Sweden, was educated at the University of Stockholm and Portland State University. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a Ph.D. in American literature.

Nordström has received several Fulbright grants, a Scandinavian Foundation grant for academic research in the U.S., several Swedish Institute grants and awards, as well as a Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center fellowship.

After settling with his family in Beavercreek, Ore., in 1988, he worked as a technical translator in the high tech industry for many years. Now he divides his time between growing wine grapes, writing and translating literature and giving talks on various Swedish-American subjects.

Nordström has published prose, poetry, translations, interviews, articles and scholarly materials all over the world.

He has been working for the nonprofit research project Swedish Roots in Oregon. SRIO was formed in 1999 and focuses on documenting, researching and preserving the rich history of Oregon’s Swedish immigrants.

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