In some cases, sellers elect to meet only with one Realtor, while other owners meet with several. Whatever your preference, there will be a number of questions you will want to ask, including:

n What services do you offer?

n What experience do you have in my immediate area?

n How long are homes in this neighborhood typically on the market? Be aware that because all homes are unique, some will sell faster than others. Several factors can impact the amount of time a home remains on the market, including changing interest rates and local economic trends.

n How would you price my home? Ask about recent home sales and comparable properties currently on the market. If you speak with several agents and their price estimates differ, that’s OK, but be sure to ask how their price opinions were determined and why they think your home would sell for a given value.

n How will you market my home? At listing presentations, brokers will provide a detailed summary of how they market homes, what marketing strategies have worked in the past and which marketing efforts may be effective for your home.

n What is your fee? Brokerage fees are established in the marketplace and not set by law or regulation. Typically, brokers who list homes are compensated on a performance basis — that is, the broker is not paid unless the home sells under the terms and conditions that are acceptable to you.

n What happens if another agent or broker locates a purchaser? That is, who will that broker represent, and how will he or she be paid?

n What disclosures should you receive? State rules require brokers to provide extensive agency disclosure information, usually at the first sit-down meeting with an owner or buyer.

n How long do you want to list your home? A “listing” agreement is a contract that shows the broker’s obligations and outlines the terms under which your home is being made available for sale. The length of the agreement is a negotiable matter.

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