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The 'Frida Project' set to be unveiled at M&M Marketplace in Hillsboro

COURTESY PHOTO - Panel painted by Plata Garza for The Frida Project.Many hands make beautiful work. Every Tuesday night during the summer, local artists worked at Hillsboro’s Tuesday Night Market to complete 10 large panels with a common theme combining the

landscapes and people of Oregon and Mexico.

The summer-long art project culminates this Saturday, Oct. 8, with an open house celebrating the installation of those panels at M&M Marketplace, 346 S.W. Walnut St., in Hillsboro.

Known as The Frida Project, the collaborative effort served as a community-building partnership between Tuesday Night Market and M&M Marketplace. The paintings created by local artists began with a stencil of the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The artists were then free to use their skills and feelings to surround the face of Frida with their interpretation of the project.COURTESY PHOTO - Panel painted  by Arturo Villasenor for The Frida Project.

The colorful panels are now installed on the front and inside of the building at M&M Marketplace, a few blocks south of downtown Hillsboro. “This project and this open house celebration will bring two cultures together to illustrate all that is wonderful in our own community,” says Linda Holland, organizer of the project and a board member of Tuesday Night Market. “The public will be invited to see how creativity happens when two cultures combine their talents.” COURTESY PHOTO - Panel painted by Felipe Garcia for The Frida Project.

Much like Tuesday Night Market in downtown Hillsboro, folks gather at M&M not only to sell and buy wares but also to enjoy activities, eat meals and celebrate events. M&M’s vendors are all Latinos.

Artists who painted the panels are Plata Garza, Heather Lowe, Patricia Gifford, Rosa Noyola, Felipe Garcia, Tesla Clementine, JanSu Hirst, Lauren McElroy, Arturo Villasenor and Linda Holland. The project was funded by Hillsboro Arts and Culture Council as well as donations from Tuesday Night Market, M&M owner Jaime Miranda and Holland.

“This project brings together our two cultures that live so closely in Hillsboro yet often seem to be separate, and shows once again how the arts can improve the quality of life in our community,” Holland says.