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SakéOne hosts annual Oyster Fest this weekend

COURTESY PHOTO - The 9th Annual Oyster Fest at SakeOne will feature three Pacific Northwest oysters from Washingtons Hama Hama Oyster Farms on May 7.SakéOne will host the 9th Annual Oyster Fest on Saturday, May 7, at 820 Elm St. in Forest Grove. The event features careful pairings between a selection of saké and oysters.

Three delicious Pacific Northwest oysters from Hama Hama Oyster Farm in Washington will be featured — Hama Hama, Blue Pool and Sea Cows. According to Tasting Room Manager Aja Reichenbach, the oysters are all grown in specific inlets to develop different flavor profiles.

The festival will also feature Portland’s Jaret Foster, who will shuck and sauce the oysters. Foster is a local chef who coined the idea of “oyster socials” in the city, and puts on cooking demonstrations with other chefs in the area.

“We’ll be pairing the oysters with sakés that help enhance their naturally delicate flavors,” said Reichenbach. “This means that most of the sakés will on the drier side. However, a few will be dressed

with pungent aromatics like ginger.”

Reichenbach explained that oysters are a fresh, clean food that share the similar subtleties of saké and derive most of their flavors from the water, just as the beverage does. They also have a lot of natural salty qualities, which highlight the sometimes fruit like notes of sake, and when they’re dressed with citrus or soy they work as a vessel to add depth to the saké.

Tickets are available for two time slots, 12 to 2 p.m. and 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Cost is $20 for general admission and $15 for club members and can be purchased at sakéone.com. The club discount applies for up to four tickets maximum; members should contact the tasting room at 503-357-7056 to purchase their discounted tickets.