Crews search unsuccessfully for submerged car in Forest Grove, hoping 911 caller was mistaken

Crews search unsuccessfully for submerged car in Forest Grove, hoping 911 caller was mistaken

Woman reports she saw driver heading into deep water on a closed Fernhill Road

A sanctuary city by any other name ...

A sanctuary city by any other name ...

Forest Grove passes resolution on city's inclusiveness, diversity at Monday's council meeting

Alarming racial justice stats shock even longtime advocates

Alarming racial justice stats shock even longtime advocates

Analysis of records reveals huge disparities between whites and blacks, Latinos

Giant 'Westside' project taking shape - on paper

Giant 'Westside' project taking shape - on paper

Steep slopes pose challenge for water, sewers and streets on northwest side of Forest Grove

Ananda Center plans public garden in Laurelwood

Ananda Center plans public garden in Laurelwood

Local couple working on open outdoor space with Yogananda statue

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Brought to you by Nate Boyd, The Gym
Brought to you by Chris and Victoria Garfield, John L. Scott Market Center Forest Grove
Brought to you by Kevin Kuntz, Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning
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Brought to you by Scott Palmer, Artistic Director, BagNBaggage

Scott PalmerWhen people say “the British Bard,” most of the time they are referring to the one

and only William Shakespeare. There is, however, another British poet that has captured the hearts and minds of the British people (and people throughout the world) with his wit, wisdom, and powerful poetry: Burns achieved the

coveted title of “national poet of Scotland," and his works are

still performed throughout the world to this day.

Unlike his fellow British writer William Shakespeare,

Robert Burns has his very own holiday named after him:

Burns Night! Bag&Baggage’s

Burns Night Supper will follow Scottish tradition by featuring

a live bagpiper, drams of whiskey, and a traditional

Scottish meal including cocka-leekie soup, neeps and tatties, bangers and mash, sticky toffee pudding, and of

course, haggis. There will also be a

small silent and live auction

selection. Guests will be “piped

in” to the event and will also

be entertained by performances

by B&B resident actors of

Burns poetry and contemporary

Scottish poetry. In addition,

singers from the Oregon

Chorale will perform a range

of Scottish songs, including

The Rose of Scotland and Auld

Lang Syne.

Tickets for the event at $80

and include entertainment, a

traditional Burns Night Supper,

and a dram of tasting

whiskey. A cash bar featuring

a range of scotches, wines and

beers is also available. The

event begins at 5:00pm on January

28, 2017 at Merriwether

National Golf Club in Hillsboro

and tickets must be purchased

in advance. Tickets can be purchased

online at www.bagnbaggage.

org or by calling the

box office at 503 345 9590.




Brought to you by Dr. Scott Hein, DPT, PT, OCS Therapeutic Associates Forest Grove Physical Therapy

Dr. Scott Hein, DPT, PT, OCS

Are you one of the nearly 80 million Americans suffering from low back pain at this moment?

Do you think injection or surgery may be the answer?

Do you have a family member, friend or neighbor who has dealt with back pain and underwent surgery for it?

Looking at statistics on low back pain in our country, the odds are good that you answered yes to at least one of the above questions. Back pain affects many of us. In fact, studies show that 80% of the population will experience low back pain at some point in their lives.

One good thing that may be coming from this recognition of how big of a problem low back pain is today is that it’s forcing the healthcare system to recognize that the traditional approach to treating it has not worked. Virginia Mason medical center in Seattle has now shown that within their system, treating patients with Physical Therapy within 14 days of the onset of low back pain resulted in significant cost savings, lower treatment duration and better patient outcomes (typically excellent—some cases resulted in relief of pain after 2 visits). This was opposed to the traditional approach where a patient is prescribed medication, ordered x-rays/MRI/CT scans then treated later with injection, surgery or physical therapy (approximately double the cost, significantly longer treatment duration and poorer outcomes up to 1 year later).

So, if you are experiencing low back pain and unsure of what to do—try Physical Therapy.

Therapeutic Associates Forest Grove Physical Therapy

2005 Elm St. #200

Forest Grove 97116


Brought to you by Kevin Kuntz, Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning

Kevin Kuntz

To keep our customers informed of Oregon code changes and sys­tem enhancement products, we have two items to highlight.

Locking Refrigerant Access Ports: All new installations of outside air conditioners or heat pumps now require locking re­frigerant access ports. The code was put into place to prevent peo­ple from inhaling (huffing) Freon from residential and commercial systems. Locking caps also pre­vent the theft of Freon for resale. The cost of Freon is rising and is worth more per pound then met­al. Some systems require more than one cap. These caps require a special key and are for service technicians only. This is also why we do not leave the key for the caps with the homeowner.

Carbon monoxide detec­tors are also required to be in­stalled in all family dwellings. This code is strictly enforced. We believe every house should have a carbon monoxide detector. The investment is minimal com­pared to one’s life. Every dwell­ing should have one and in some cases more than one. They need to be located in each bedroom or within fifteen feet of each bed­room door. Things to look for are power consumption and battery backup life, location of where to mount the unit, and life expec­tancy of the unit. We currently sell a unit which reads at lower levels than most store purchased models, and has a built in battery backup, with a detector life of seven years.

Call Hybrid today to update your home for safety and code upgrades.

Hybrid Heating and Air Conditioning




Brought to you by Barb Colter, Practice Administrator, Maple Street Clinic

Barb Colter, Practice Administrator

We hope your holiday sea-son is merry, bright and jolly! We hope you are excited for the magic of the season to take hold. But if you find yourself not so jolly, or flat out sad, you are not alone. Stressors such as loneliness, lack of funds, be-ing away from a loved one, a loss in family (death, divorce, change of address,) memo-ries of past holidays, unreal-istic expectations, etc. might push your emotions close to a breaking point. If you find yourself in this boat, try these tips to help get and stay on the positive side; ¦ Predict and handle poten-tial stressors early-on: Cre-ate a schedule, make a bud-get and stick to it, do not go overboard, remember it real-ly is the thought that counts. ¦ Take care of yourself: Get enough sleep and exercise, keep your already estab-lished routines, seek sun-light when possible, read a book, get a massage, take a drive in the evening to look at the lights, do something that makes you happy to re-charge your batteries. ¦ Manage loneliness: be pro-active in your plans, call a friend, purchase a ticket to visit family/friends far away, volunteer to help those less fortunate, accept an invita-tion to dinner, plan a new year’s party of your own, be in control of your circum-stances. ¦ Be aware: Remember that it’s normal to not always be happy this time of year, and that’s okay. Do remember if you’re ever feeling particu-larly depressed or stressed, call us. We stand ready to help you find a way to develop a successful holiday survival plan.

Maple Street Clinic P.C.

1825 MAPLE ST.



Brought to you by Todd Barth, Home Instead Senior Care

Todd Barth, Home Insead Senior CareIn the senior industry that statement

is so true! To our knowledge there are

no classes on aging well. After the

age of 80 often seniors find themselves

isolated, lonely and hopeless. They are

often unaware of the resources around

their community that can help them.

Currently the Hillsboro Home Instead

serves in Yamhill, Western Washington

and Columbia Counties. Home Instead has

made it their business to Change the Face

of Aging.

“It is our privilege and honor and

serve the seniors and their families in

our community,” says Todd Barth. “We

have invested in our community on a

very personal level. And we believe every

family in the area deserves individualized

in-home senior care with a compassionate


For that reason we have sponsored these

local events:

?? Hillsboro Senior Center -- Going to the

Races silent auction at the Walter Cultural

Arts Center, to raise funds for the senior

lunch program. September 10th from 6

p.m. – 10 p.m.

??????Care Partners – Dance to Care! Live

music and dancing at Orenco Station

Plaza. Help patients and families receive

compassionate, exceptional end-oflife

care, regardless of ability to pay.

September 10th from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

???? The Walk to End Alzheimers,

Unity within the Community, For more

information or to join us on Facebook:

StopAlz Hillsboro Strong

???? Village Without Walls – A new

subscription based organization that

serves our local seniors with task oriented

projects, any kind of home project that

an active senior may not feel comfortable

doing. They open their doors Oct 1, 2016.

For more info see

Todd says, “As a locally owned business,

we offer friendly, responsive service right

in your neighborhood. We’re dedicated to

making our community a better place to

live for seniors and their families.”

For more information about our

services or resources; contact phyllis.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call


1400 NE 48th Ave.

Hillsboro, OR 97124


Brought to you by Todd Barth, Home Instead Senior Care

Todd Barth, Home Instead Senior CareFun family get-togethers, trips to the beach, backyard barbecues, vacations

and other festivities make summer one of

the most enjoyable times of the year. But

when you plan your summer activities

keep this advice in mind.

Our aging population is more active

today. Experts tell us that as we age our

bodies can’t handle the heat like they

did when we were younger. A senior

body often doesn’t detect the heat and

will not begin sweating until their body

temperature has skyrocketed and our

body’s cooling devices don’t operate as

effi ciently as we age.

And that’s what makes heat so

dangerous for older adults. More people

in the United States die from extreme

heat every year than from hurricanes,

lightning, tornadoes, fl oods and

earthquakes combined and nearly half

of all heat fatalities were individuals past

the age of 70, according to the National

Weather Service.

By taking some common-sense

approaches to staying cool and hydrated,

seniors can spend quality time with

family and friends outdoors.

Slow down. Avoid strenuous activity.

If you must do strenuous activity, do it

during the coolest part of the day.

Stay indoors as much as possible.

Try to go to a public building with air

conditioning each day for several hours

or designated cooling shelters. Wear

lightweight, light-colored clothing. Drink

plenty of water regularly and often, even

if you do not feel thirsty. Avoid drinks

with alcohol or caffeine in them. Eat

small meals and eat more often.

Todd Barth says “Home Instead Senior

Care is about keeping our seniors safe.

Educating our seniors on how to stay cool

during the hottest months of the year

is important to us. If you want to know

the top 10 ways to keep seniors cool, call

Home Instead.”

— Javier Vasquez / Tomme Maier

1400 NE 48th Ave.

Hillsboro, OR 97124


Brought to you by Todd Barth of Home Instead Senior Care in Hillsboro

Todd BarthFalls are the No. 1 reason that seniors

end up in the hospital. In fact, 33 percent

of all hospital visits are caused by falls

and accidents at home.

Many falls are preventable. Exercise

can help reduce the risk of falls

by improving strength, balance,

coordination and flexibility. With a

doctors’ permission, encourage your

loved one to enjoy activities like walking,

water workouts or Tai Chi. Simple chair

exercises and stretches can also provide


Physical therapy is another option

for seniors who avoid physical activity

because they are afraid to fall. A

therapist can create a custom exercise

program aimed at improving balance,

flexibility, muscle strength and gait.

Also, be mindful of medications.

Some medicines – or combinations of

medicines – can cause adverse side

effects like dizziness or drowsiness,

which increase the likelihood of injury.

With these factors in mind, Home Instead

Senior Care encourages children and their

aging parents to have honest conversations

on this topic. We encourage family

members to be brave enough to keep their

senior loved ones safe from harm. Home

Instead is not about our seniors losing their

freedoms; it’s just the opposite.

“We are all about keeping seniors safe,

and bringing peace of mind to the family at

large,” said Todd Barth, owner of the Home

Instead franchise in Hillsboro.

An upcoming educational workshop,

“Improving Com-munication with Aging

Parents,” will address this issue. The

workshop will be held May 18 at 5:30 p.m. at

1400 N.E. 48th Ave., Suite 107, in Hillsboro.

1400 NE 48th Ave.

Hillsboro OR 97124


Brought to you by Todd Barth, Home Instead Senior Care

Todd BarthWhether we are ready or like it, the

holiday season is upon us. For many

seniors the holiday season is a time

of loneliness, BUT not on our watch!

Home Instead Senior Care organizations

across America will be rolling out “Be a

Santa To a Senior” program.

The objective of Home Instead Senior

Care’s® Be a Santa to a Senior® program

is to give back to local communities

by providing gifts and holiday cheer

to seniors. It’s an opportunity to touch

the lives of seniors in your community

who generally don’t have family around

during the holidays and aren’t going to

receive gifts. Ultimately, the objective is

to positively impact the lives of seniors

in your community.

The Hillsboro Home Instead Senior

Care office partners with local Meals

On Wheels and retail stores in Western

Washington County and Columbia

County to provide this opportunity of

giving. It is such a blessing to see those

smiling eyes when they receive that

special gift.

For more information about

this program go to: www.

This year Christmas wreaths will be

hung at the following retail outlets on

November 22, 2016:


Bi-Mart Store #618 -

2075 SE Tualatin Valley Highway

Forest Grove

Bi-Mart Store #635 -

3225 Pacific Ave.


Bi-Mart Store #686 -

51536 SE 2nd St.

St. Helens

Rite Aid – 785 South Columbia River


“Our mission, says Todd Barth, owner

of the Hillsboro franchise, is to serve

seniors in our community. What better

way to say we care than partnering with

local organizations and providing a

Christmas for every senior?”




Recent Comments

Forest Grove's Latest News

Jorge E. Bravo-Copado
February 20, 2017

Detectives seek man accused of sexually abusing child near Hillsboro

by Geoff Pursinger
Jorge E. Bravo-Copado hasn't been seen since last May. He is wanted on rape and sex abuse charges.
COURTESY OREGON LIQUOR CONTROL COMMISSION - Bottle deposits in Oregon will double to 10 cents on April 1. Under a bill proposed in the Legislature, even cans for which only a 5-cent deposit was paid can be redeemed for the full 10 cents until Sept. 1, 2018.
February 18, 2017

Oregonians could see bottle deposit windfall under bill

by Claire Withycombe/Capital Bureau
The state's bottle and can deposit will double to a dime April 1.
SUBMITTED PHOTO: WASHINGTON COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE - A 2007 Ford truck crashed on Southwest Fern Hill Road in Forest Grove Friday morning, injuring a male driver and his female passenger. Washington County Sheriff's deputies said the driver's blood-alcohol content was more than three times the legal limit.
February 18, 2017

Two injured in alcohol-related crash in Forest Grove

by Pamplin Media Group
Man, 28, and 21-year-old female passenger transported to hospital for treatment

NEWS-TIMES FILE PHOTO - Forest Grove students have protested in various ways over the last year.
February 17, 2017

Some Forest Grove schools saw half of students absent Thursday

by Stephanie Haugen
'Day without Immigrants' sees students staying home, businesses closed nationwide
PARIS ACHEN/CAPITAL BUREAU - Emily Salisbury, associate professor of criminal justice at University of Nevada Las Vegas and editor of Criminal Justice and Behavior, speaks about women in the criminal justice system at the Oregon Justice Reinvestment Summit at the Salem Convention Center Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017.
February 16, 2017

Women's prison focus of state summit, legislative session

by Paris Achen/Capital Bureau
Researcher tells Oregon Justice Reinvestment Summit women offenders should be treated differently in effort to downsize state's prison…
February 16, 2017

Banks police log January

by Stephanie Haugen
What were the Washington County Sheriff's Office deputies assigned to Banks up to last month?
SUBMITTED PHOTO: WASHINGTON COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE - The Washington County Tactical Negotiations Team served a search warrant Tuesday morning, Feb. 14, in the 2800 block of North Davis Court in Cornelius. The action was unrelated to rumored activity, refuted by local law enforcement officials, by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the area.
February 15, 2017

Rumored ICE visits to Cornelius draw mixed response

by Nancy Townsley
Law enforcement officials in Forest Grove, Hillsboro, Washington County say they're unaware of immigration raids
COURTESY PHOTO - Busy intersection will receive updates that will improve safety and traffic flow.
February 15, 2017

Quince/Pacific intersection revamp to finish in fall

by Stephanie Haugen
Forest Grove City Council received update on the Highway 47-Pacific Avenue project
SUBMITTED - Katelynn Armand-Tylka
February 14, 2017

New DA's office report describes Christmas Day slaying

by Geoff Pursinger
Washington County prosecutors have released new details in the King City shooting that injured North Plains police officer and left a…
February 14, 2017

FG council mulls pros and cons of 'fire authority'

by Stephanie Haugen
A Western Washington County Fire Authority would make local departments more efficient, but decrease city control
February 14, 2017

According to Trump, Forest Grove is already a 'sanctuary city'

by Jill Rehkopf Smith
Amid massive confusion and mischaracterization of sanctuary cities and deportation, here are some answers
February 14, 2017

Metro gives $100K to fund Cornelius Place courtyard

by Stephanie Haugen
Cornelius Place project gets $100,000 to put toward a 5,000-square-foot outdoor courtyard space
PHOTO COURTESY: VIRGINIA GARCIA MEMORIAL HEALTH CENTER - Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center announced Wednesday its stance on sanctuary cities.
February 14, 2017

Virginia Garcia clinics become 'safe havens'

by Pamplin Media Group
On the heels of sanctuary city debates throughout the region, Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center takes a stance
February 14, 2017

Legislation would raise Oregon's smoking age to 21

by Paris Achen/Capital Bureau
New legislation might raise the legal smoking age from 21 to 18
News-Times Photo: Chase Allgood
February 14, 2017

Yellow Llama cuts red ribbon

by Pamplin Media Group
Yellow Llama Peruvian restaurant is officially open for business now
February 14, 2017

Adelante hosts free immigration law workshop

by Pamplin Media Group
Adelante Mujeres is hosting a free workshop on immigration laws
February 14, 2017

Cornelius development story errs

by Pamplin Media Group
Correction: Street names and word origin mistated in last week's story on new development
February 13, 2017

Forest Grove police log

by Stephanie Haugen
Forest Grove Police Department happenings from Feb. 5 through Feb. 11
Improvements on Third and Park streets in Gaston were a contentious topic this week. The council and school district appear to be close to a compromise.
February 10, 2017

Gaston council, school district work for street improvement compromise

by Stephanie Haugen
A lively public hearing in Gaston Feb. 8 brought full house
February 10, 2017

Pacific receives notice of another lawsuit

by Stephanie Haugen
A former Speech-Language Pathology student claims professors breached contract, revealed confidential information

Don't miss the local news

COURTESY PHOTO: MICHAEL DURHAM/OREGON ZOO - Packy, the Oregon Zoo's 54-year-old Asian elephant, was euthanized Thursday, Feb. 9, after battling a strain of drug-resistant TB.
Feb 09, 2017

Beloved Asian elephant Packy dies at Oregon Zoo, age 55

by Pamplin Media Group
The first elephant born in the Western Hemisphere in decades was euthanized after a long battle with tuberculosis.
COURTESY PHOTO - Fern Hill Road was a river Thursday, Feb. 9, when the driver of an SUV had to stand on the submerged vehicle waiting for rescuers.
Feb 09, 2017

Forest Grove firefighters rescue driver of submerged vehcile

by News-Times
Wednesday's heavy rains brought flooding to Fern Hill Road, driver stuck
PARIS ACHEN - Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson, D-Gresham, St. Johns resident Coya Crispin and her 5-month-old son, and Rep. Karin Power, D-Milwaukie, speak during a tenants forum in Northeast Portland Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017, at Highland Christian Center.
Feb 08, 2017

Lawmakers hear from tenants on rent control, no-cause evictions

by Paris Achen/Capital Bureau
Democrats in the Legislature seek to pass rules similar to those in an ordinance approved by the Portland City Council last week.
NEWS-TIMES PHOTO: STEPHANIE HAUGEN - (Left to right) Zach Streblow, Sydney Gregg, Hannah White, Max Merritt, Trevor Thiessen, Bennett Turner and Banks Parent Association President Melissa Merritt thanked Michael Doherty (center with sign) for a successful fundraiser.
Feb 08, 2017

Banks students thank Doherty Ford for successful fundraiser

by Stephanie Haugen
Fundraiser with local car dealer raises $4,500 for Banks school activities
SUBMITTED GRAPHICS: METRO - This rendering shows the scenic westward vista awaiting visitors at the future Iowa Hill overlook once Chehalem Ridge is developed.
Feb 08, 2017

Recommended plan for Chehalem Ridge now awaits public comment

by Yuxing Zheng
Draft includes nine miles of trails and parking for all types
SUBMITTED PHOTO - The Unified Theatre cast for Forest Grove High School's spring 2016 play "This Is Home" — which tackled the issue of homelessness — featured general education and special education students in acting roles side-by-side.
Feb 08, 2017

Curtis tries to calm special ed transition fears in Forest Grove

by Nancy Townsley
School staff, parents unhappy about hiring process to replace Brad Bafaro
COURTESY GRAPHIC - Unlike this woonerf, those planned for River West will not allow parking and there will be street trees along both sides. In addition, the surface will be concrete, not brick or cobblestone, which is too expensive to maintain over the long term. See second story down for more details.
Feb 08, 2017

Portland Thunder owner to develop 64 units in Cornelius

by Mark Kirchmeier
The Echo Shaw-area site will feature first European-style streets in WashCo
Feb 08, 2017

More students have experienced 'early trauma'

by Nancy Townsley
Forest Grove School District superintendent says district attempting to address elementary-level behavioral issues
NEWS-TIMES FILE PHOTO - The Urban Decanter building would provide 17,000 square feet of space -- more than enough to house both administrative offices and education programs of the nonprofit Adelante Mujeres.
Feb 07, 2017

Adelante Mujeres plans to buy building that houses Urban Decanter, former Leader office

by Stephanie Haugen
Local nonprofit wants to put down roots, create 'a space for everyone'
NEWS-TIMES PHOTO: CHASE ALLGOOD - Gaston High School student Ben Gottschalk holds top rankings in some Rubik's Cube competitions and can solve some cubes in three seconds.
Feb 07, 2017

Gaston High School student can complete Rubik's Cubes faster than anyone in state

by Stephanie Haugen
Gaston student excels at Rubik's Cubes, spreads passion to rest of school
Feb 07, 2017

Forest Grove police log

by Pamplin Media Group
What's the Forest Grove Police Department been up to January 29 to February 4?
Feb 07, 2017

News briefs

by Pamplin Media Group
Seed swap, Forest Grove month at county museum, Sustainability Commission grants and more
Feb 07, 2017

Applications open for public safety academy

by Stephanie Haugen
Washington County Sheriff's Office is now accepting applications for their public safety academy
Feb 06, 2017

Washington County Democrats push state to join popular vote movement

by Geoff Pursinger
Democratic Party of Washington County says Oregon should change how it votes in the Electoral College.
OREGON STATE POLICE - Road conditions may have contributed to a fatal crash on Highway 47 on Sunday.
Feb 05, 2017

Forest Grove woman killed in Sunday crash on Highway 47

by Jim Redden
Oregon State Police say snowy conditions may have cotnributed to a crash that also injured occupants of a second vehicle.
NEWS-TIMES PHOTO: STEPHANIE HAUGEN - Banks Mayor Pete Edison gave the annual 'State of the City' address Thursday, Feb. 2, in the Banks Fire District 13 community room.
Feb 02, 2017

Edison shares Banks' strengths while also hoping for higher employment rate

by Stephanie Haugen
Mayor extols school district, city improvements in State of the City talk
PHOTO BY PETER WONG - U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley has led Senate opposition to several of President Trump's Cabinet nominees. He spoke Saturday at Tigard High School.
Feb 01, 2017

Huge crowd cheers Sen. Merkley's anti-Trump message

by Peter Wong
Town hall meeting draws 600 into Tigard High School cafeteria set up for 200 attendees.
SUBMITTED GRAPHIC - This graphic suggests how the undeveloped area around the Cornelius Fred Meyer could have a future that includes housing, retail, commercial and high-tech developments.
Jan 31, 2017

Report could help inspire Cornelius dreams to come true

by Mark Kirchmeier
New analysis shows opportunities for Cornelius business and housing growth
COURTESY PHOTO - This rough drawing shows what the outside of Gaston School Districts newest building will look like.
Jan 31, 2017

Gaston's new school building plans depend on city

by Stephanie Haugen
Mayor pushes back on school district's worries about city improvements
Jan 31, 2017

Forest Grove police log

by News-Times
Forest Grove Police Department happenings Jan. 22 to Jan. 28