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A Little Cooling Physics

Brought to you by Randy Preston - Honke Heating - HEATING AND COOLING INSIDER -

HONKE HEATING - Randy PrestonBelieve it or not, your cooling system does NOT make your home cold. Instead, your cooling system works by removing heat from your home and moving it to the outside.

If you've ever taken a physics course, you know that heat is naturally absorbed by cooler objects. When refrigerant is pumped through the refrigerant lines of your cooling system, the cooling coil on the inside of your home becomes cold. As the air in your home moves across the coil, the heat from the air is naturally absorbed into the refrigerant.

The heat that is absorbed by the refrigerant is then pumped through to the outdoor coil. This outdoor coil has a fan blowing air across the coil that distributes the heat outside and away from your home.

Have you ever walked over to your home's outdoor cooling unit while it was running? You probably noticed it was pretty hot, right? Well, if you've ever put your hand over the top of your outdoor unit, the heat that you feel is the heat that was in your home that the unit is now releasing outside. While it may be hot, that's the definition of cool!

One more note: That hot roast you put in the refrigerator after dinner? It's not being cooled either! Your refrigerator utilizes the same concept, instead removing heat from that roast. And THAT'S a little cooling physics for you, courtesy of Honke Heating.

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