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The 2012 Mt. Hood Community College Part-time Faculty Awards for Excellence in Teaching go to Zach Hudson and Andy Gurevich.

The awards recognize outstanding part-time faculty for their contributions to teaching and learning, along with community engagement and resource development.

Zach Hudson

Hudson is a developmental reading and writing instructor in Mt. Hood’s Academic Literacy program and recently began contributing to Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), a program which features unique teaching strategies and lesson plans and is offered in several local high schools.

Hudson is an author of both scholarly work and fiction, most recently writing a children’s book, “The Banjo,” which is illustrated by his father, Jere Hudson.

The English department staff praised Hudson for the enthusiasm he has brought to the department. One nomination form read, “We want to acknowledge and honor his participation in the life of the college.”

Andy Gurevich

Gurevich teaches many topics in two divisions, English and social science, and consistently gets high rankings from his students. He incorporates his scholarship in the history of world religions to his teaching of world literature.

“Andy is a true professional and fine colleague who is generously flexible when it comes to taking on new assignments,” one nominator wrote.

“He meets with students long past office hours, he volunteers for Ask Me tables at the start of each term and gives many Worldview presentations,” another nominator wrote.

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