OACP list ways to help prevent mass shootings

The Oregon Association Chiefs of Police released a statement concerning the recent gun-control debate and its commitment to working with Oregonians to prevent further mass shootings.

The association, whose president is Fairview Police Chief Ken Johnson, wrote that while the multiple elected bodies it represents may have differing views on specific issues, a comprehensive plan will need to include several factors to be successful.

Those include:

n Providing adequate services to those in mental health crisis.

n Adequate resources for enforcement and sanction to those violating existing weapons laws.

n Maintenance of criminal sanction on all violent offenders.

n Provisions that keep firearms and other dangerous weapons out of the hands of criminals and those suffering from mental illness.

n Adequate local law enforcement resources including school resource offices.

The association added that additional gun control measures should be considered when there is consensus that they will limit mass shootings and “resources to enforce new statutes will be provided.”

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