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Man of McFury fame in jail again


This time Jayme John Leon is accused of slapping a child in the face and dragging him home by the hair

Police arrested a Gresham man on allegations of assault and harassment after he reportedly slapped a 10-year-old neighbor boy.

Officers arrested Jayme John Leon, 51, of Gresham at 5:04 p.m. Saturday, April 20, at his home at 1051 N.E. 183rd Ave. on allegations of fourth-degree assault and harassment, both of which are misdemeanor charges. by: COURTESY: MULTNOMAH COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE - Jayme John Leon

He was released Monday, April 22, through the pre-trial release program and has a hearing scheduled for May 31.

His arrest stems from an April 13 incident in which Leon apparently was mad that children were playing in front of his house, said Lt. Claudio Grandjean.

Leon came out, yelled at the children and chased them, catching the 10-year-old victim.

“He allegedly slapped the kid and walked him home by the hair,” Grandjean said.

When the child's mother and other neighbors, who witnessed the alleged assault, told Leon they were calling the police, Leon slipped away.

When officers tried to contact him at his home that day, Leon either didn't answer or wasn't home, Grandjean said. A week later, police contacted him and took him to jail.

This isn't the first time Leon's temper has landed him behind bars.

Last September, he made headlines for allegations that he went into a "McFury" at a Gresham McDonald's when the restaurant refused to give him a refund.

Leon ordered a burger without onions, then called demanding a refund when he found onions on it. Initially, the restaurant said it would refund his money and give him a new quarter pounder without onions. But when Leon arrived for his refund, he'd already eaten the burger, so staff refused to give him his money back or provide a replacement burger.

Leon got so mad, he reportedly threw soda in the manager's face, broke some glass and smashed the cash register.

That time, police arrested Leon on allegations of first-degree criminal mischief, second-degree disorderly conduct and harassment. The case was dismissed Jan. 9, according to court records.