Corbett couple launches book on how to treat sudden cardiac arrest

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - A portion of the proceeds for An Adventure with Ed the AED will go to the Jeff Lucas Memorial Fund. Children learn how to buckle a safety belt and “Stop, drop and roll” in case of a fire, but do they know how to use the one tool that can save a person’s life through a sudden cardiac arrest? Do you?

by: CONTRIBUTED PHOTO - James and Indy Lucas of Corbett have published a book to educate children about the safe and easy usage of AEDs or Automated External Defibrillators.A couple from Corbett say paramedics shouldn’t be the only ones who know how to use an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), the portable device that uses electrical therapy to stop cardiac arrhythmia and bring the heart back to a normal rhythm.

With a combined 48 years of experience in emergency medical response, James and Indy Lucas are urging the next generation of children (and adults) to learn how to use it.

And they’re making it easy with a book they’ve authored and launched called, “An Adventure with Ed the AED.”

The kid-friendly book features the cartoon character Ed the AED, who narrates simple instructions on how to operate an AED and save a person’s life.

It’s the first in a series of books about first aid and other life-saving skills.

“This is such a critically important topic,” said the couple.

Knowing CPR can buy time and preserve the brain, but the AED is the only lifeline for victims. Waiting for a professional to arrive while a person is going through cardiac arrest could mean the death of a loved one, the authors said.

Last year, 118,000 people died of house fires, car accidents, breast cancer and prostate cancer, while in comparison, 456,000 people died from sudden cardiac death, 2,000 of whom were children playing sports.

Medical science proves that if a shock is delivered to the heart in V-fib or Pulse-less V-Tach within 58 seconds or less, almost 100 percent of those people (including children) can survive neurologically intact, according to the book’s press release.

The authors said, “It is time to eliminate the fear involved with using an AED.”

In King County, Wash., the American Heart Association conducted a study which proved sixth-graders perform almost as well using an AED for the first time as the trained paramedics for the King County Fire Department, the authors stated.

A portion of the book’s proceeds will go to the Jeff Lucas Memorial fund to buy AED’s and distribute them to schools. The Jeff Lucas Memorial fund proceeds also directly benefit students in the form of college scholarships.

“We chose Jeff as the hero in our book because he was a hero in our life, and this is our way of honoring his memory,” the couple said.

Jeff Lucas is the Navy Seal who died in 2005 during his deployment in Afghanistan. He is also brother to the book’s author, James Lucas. Both men grew up in Corbett.

“Our passion is to prevent avoidable deaths that can be prevented with the use of an AED before the arrival of emergency responders,” the Lucases said.

“Having AEDs everywhere and people who will not hesitate to use them will truly save the lives of loved ones.”

An Adventure with Ed the AED is for sale on Amazon for Kindle, iPad, computers or any smart phone.

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