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Multnomah County Library is offering patrons two new ways to download and read e-books. Patrons can use either 3M Cloud Library or OverDrive to enjoy approximately 80,000 e-books. Both methods make it easier to browse, check out and download e-books, and staff at any library are available to help patrons use these new e-book features on their own devices.

3M Cloud Library

3M Cloud Library allows patrons to easily search, find and download e-books, right from the library website or through the 3M Cloud Library mobile application. 3M Cloud Library includes about 5,000 titles, and more are added all the time.

Patrons don’t need an Adobe ID to use 3M Cloud Library; they simply need to enter state, library name, library card number and password. Downloading is a one-step process, and each title automatically syncs to all devices that have the 3M Cloud Library mobile app downloaded.

The new feature works across multiple operating systems. Patrons can check out up to six titles at a time.

Currently, because of a decision by Amazon, 3M books are not compatible with Kindle.


The popular “Library2Go” service at Multnomah County Library has had an upgrade — a new name, more books and a simplified borrowing process.

Patrons can browse and download e-books and audiobooks from the library’s OverDrive site or via the OverDrive app. E-books can be read on a desktop browser with OverDrive READ and on mobile devices with the app. Accessing any borrowed title from a Bookshelf requires only a few clicks or taps.

Circulation of the library’s 80,000 e-books has increased more than 2,300 percent in the past three years, Director of Libraries Vailey Oehlke said.

“The library is continually increasing access to the e-books and e-book services demanded by our patrons,” she said. “As the evolution of mobile access continues to erode the ‘digital divide’ for our patrons, we will continue to grow this collection to meet the diverse needs of the community we serve.”

The library purchases e-books as they become available. The library also offers 87,000 items in other downloadable formats, including audiobooks, videos and music.

— Mara Stine

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