Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year for Portland animal hospital DoveLewis. To prevent pets from having a holiday-related emergency, animal hospital staff want to share these tips:

Before and after Halloween:

-Keep all candy out of reach, not just chocolate. Sugar can cause nasty gastrointestinal upset. Lollipop sticks, plastic parts and wrappers can cause intestinal obstruction and potentially rupture the intestines.

-Keep candles away from tails and toes.

-Keep decorative light strands away from curious puppies and kittens who like to chew on things.

Halloween Night:

-Keep your pets locked indoors and away from trick-or-treaters. Dogs

especially may feel that their territory is being invaded by the constant onslaught of visitors.

-Do not take your dog along trick-or-treating as even calm dogs may get spooked by excited, shrill voices and strange costumes.

-Make sure your dog has current, accurate and readable identification tags. If you haven’t yet, take this opportunity to have your pet micro-chipped.

If you have a black cat, be especially mindful about keeping him or her indoors on Halloween. Some people are superstitious about black cats and may try to scare or harm them.

Costumes are typically more fun for humans than animals: An animal in a costume should never be left alone and unsupervised. Some pets, if left alone in costume, may chew up their outfits and ingest them.

This could cause intestinal obstruction. If the costumed pet escapes or is frightened away, the costume could get caught on trees, fences, or bushes, and your pet could get hurt.

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