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Five Minute Film Festival features student takes on cinematic themes
by: Contributed artwork The Five Minute Film Festival will be held at Mt. Hood on Feb. 23.

A few days before the Oscars, a group of young filmmakers here in East County will present a series of short flicks that tackle subjects from how to ask out a girl to how to kick an addiction to milk.

The Center for Advanced Learning's Five Minute Film Festival will take place at 7 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 23, in the Mt. Hood Community College Visual Arts Theatre, 26000 S.E. Stark St.

Barb Meyer, digital media instructor at CAL, said her students have been working on their movies since September.

'It's a team project, and it's really to show them how to professionally produce a film from start to finish,' she says. 'We're not just doing little home YouTube videos here.'

Metro-East Community Media is co-sponsoring the festival in which students compete for both a judges' award and an audience award.

Tickets are $5, and you can park for free in lots J and K near the Visual Arts Center.

All proceeds will benefit CAL's Digital Media and Design program as well as next year's festival. This is a PG-13 event, and here's a summary of what the festival has to offer:

Milked (dark comedy)

Tommy, played by Andy Abelein, is an innocent teenager attending high school. When he is introduced to milk, he becomes addicted and starts to party with his friends. Will Tommy's addiction ruin his life or enhance his fun?

A Bridge of Regret (drama)

Victoria (Candra Mondragon) breaks up with her boyfriend, Mason (Mason Burgwin). When rejected by his ex, Mason falls into depression and feels there is only one way out.

Nothing (drama)

Daniel (Connor Healy) finds himself in an unknown location and is soon told that he has died. He is then presented with the opportunity to participate in finding the answer to a riddle in order to come back to life. However, this stuck-up teen finds himself pairing with a shy quiet boy named Elliot (Jamie Butcher) in order to solve this puzzle.

A Cup of Love (romantic comedy)

Barry (Barry Burnett) has had feelings for Jessica (Kennedy Kullman) for a long time. When he and his friend, Andrew (Andrew Gleason), see her at a coffee shop, Andrew gives suggestions about how to ask Jessica out. But Barry feels like there are better ways. He struggles with whether he should follow Andrew's advice or follow his own gut feelings.

The Passing (drama)

When James (Ben Shult) and Steve (Bryce Phelps) go off to war, only one comes back. Will the ghost of his old friend help James deal with the guilt of sending his best friend to die?

Room 318 (drama)

Lexi (Joelle Morris) is a young woman who is too busy with her daily life to deal with her family's problems. Her mother (Heather Morris) is constantly sick and in the hospital. What Lexi needs to realize is that sometimes living in the fast lane for the future can blur her present life.

Knightmare (dark comedy)

A poor and hungry knight (Alex Giorgi) and bard (Cameron Marquez) venture on a quest to find a kingdom to serve. Their hunger only grows worse as they travel, and the knight begins to lose his sanity.

A Run to Remember (romantic drama)

Jacob (Justin Abel) is an awkward, quiet guy who never thinks about love until he meets Mackenzie (Hunter Paolo). They fall in love, and begin to depend on each other. But soon after, Jacob learns he must rely on himself.

If you go

The Center for Advanced Learning's Digital Media and Design Program explores print, web and video production to give students an overview of careers in multimedia.

For more information, visit thecenterforadvancedlearning.org/dmd.

For more information on the Five Minute Film Festival, visit calfilmfest.com.

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