Two Gresham Police detectives, John Rasmussen and Thomas Walker, were in the right place at the right time, at least where a dog named Max is concerned.

Both are members of the Multnomah County Child Abuse Team (CAT) and were on their way to interview someone in Portland when they came across a house fire in the 500 block of Northeast 108th Avenue, where they saw a neighbor pounding on the front door because he didn’t know if anyone was inside.

The occupant recently had surgery, the neighbor said. With smoke and flames pouring out of the house, the two detectives called out, then broke in the back rear sliding door and found Max, a large dog that was trapped inside.

“Max was not happy to see the detectives at first,” a Gresham Police news release stated, “but soon warmed up to the idea that two men from CAT might come in peace. The detectives were able to get Max out and notify the fire department, (which) responded to put out the fire.”

The grateful homeowner arrived soon after and was reunited with Max.

Lt. Claudio Grandjean, public information officer for Gresham Police, couldn’t resist a pun about the rescue.

“When CAT and dogs get along, everybody wins,” he said.

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