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Wood Village tests public water systems


Residents may notice discolored water Feb. 3-4

The public water system in Wood Village will be put through a series of pressure and flow tests Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 3-4, as part of the city’s Water Master Plan Update.

There should not be any disruptions of service, according to the city website, but residents may notice lower water pressure and possibly turbid or discolored water from outlets in their homes.

Wood Village Public Works Director Mark Gunter said the discoloration comes from sediment left in the water pipes.

As the flow increases in the pipes, that sediment gets stirred up and flows through the system, he said.

The water is still safe to drink and use, but residents should refrain from washing light-colored clothing.

If you have discolored water, Gunter recommends running your cold water faucet on high for a few minutes until the water is clear. 

“Let your faucet or all of your faucets run until they clear up,” Gunter said.

The tests are expected to be completed by the end of Tuesday. For more information, call Wood Village City Hall at 503-667-6211.