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Mom rescued two children who fell through ice at Sunrise Park

by: GRESHAM FIRE DEPARTMENT - A hole in the ice and a little white cap show where two Troutdale children fell through the ice at Sunrise Park. They were rescued by their mom and were cold but not injured.If you're tempted to walk on ice on pond or lake, don't do it! Two Troutdale siblings fell through the ice into the water of a pond at Sunrise Park around 10:30 a.m. Friday, Feb. 7, according to Robin Franzen Parker of the city of Gresham. Their mom, who also fell in, was able to pull them out and Gresham Fire Department medical crews from Troutdale took them to Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center where they were cold, but uninjured.

“Apparently the kids were out playing and went out on the frozen ice and fell through,” Franzen Parker said. “The mom went out to get them and she fell in as well, but was able to pull them out. One of the kids was up to his neck.”

Franzen Parker hopes the accident will make other people use caution when around frozen ice over a body of water.

“Our message to the public is that walking out on the ice is dangerous and we're asking people to please stay safe and be aware that the ice isn't always frozen.”

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