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Troutdale mayor: "2013 was truly special"


Mayor Daoust affirms city has made great strides, prepares for future

by: OUTLOOK PHOTO: CARI HACHMANN - Mayor Doug Daoust delivers the 2014 State of City address at Troutdale City Council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 11.Mayor Doug Daoust began his 2014 “State of the City” address thanking the many people who work to make Troutdale so great — citizens, volunteers, neighborhood leaders, the 54 people who serve on advisory committees, the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce and the city’s faith community.

The mayor’s yearly address opened the City Council meeting Tuesday, Feb. 11.

The mayor went on to credit the equally committed city staff, including City Manager Craig Ward, who he said has built and organized a good team.

“I am so grateful for their spirit, their intellect, and their commitment to service your community,” Daoust said.

“Troutdale is also blessed to have a growing artist community,” said the mayor, who has served 17 years on council.

The city has also hosted several film companies this last year. IFC’s Portlandia came to town twice and Fox Searchlight Pictures shot scenes for the movie “Wild” starring Reese Witherspoon.

Another memorable event, Mayor Daoust joined Sen. Ron Wyden, 400 veterans and the entire student body at Reynolds High School to celebrate “Living History Day,” a tribute to veterans in every branch of the military.

“We live in a beautiful part of the world folks, surrounded by the Columbia Gorge, waterfalls, hiking galore, Mt. Hood and the Sandy River,” the mayor said.

“What a tremendous year it’s been! 2013 was truly special, and I couldn’t be more proud to be mayor during this time.”

In the rest of his speech, Daoust reflected on the previous year and gazed into his crystal ball for what lies ahead in 2014.

He reported on the city’s financial outlook, transportation, growth and economic development, tourism, public safety, fire calls, police services and improvements to infrastructure.

He also gave an update on Port of Portland’s plan to develop a 20-year master plan for the Troutdale Airport and and gave an update on the city’s Urban Renewal site, posed to redeveloped by Yoshida-owned Eastwinds Development into a luxury hotel, resort and recreation hub.

Other events mentioned were downtown demolitions of the old police facility and old Marino block, as well as five proposals from developers to build a new city hall, all debated and refused by City Council.

Here’s a brief look at some of the highlights of mayor address.

Looking back

-The mayor reported a “sound financial outlook” for Troutdale.

-Developers plan to build two-story office and retail space on the old Marino block with row-housing along Second Street.

-Troutdale is the only city in East County to have its own recreation program, which served 3,500 adults and children in 2013.

-Ringo Starr and Morgan Freeman’s private jets were spotted last year at the Troutdale airport.

-McMenamin brothers are “very close” to closing a county deal to buy the “pig farm” across the street from Edgefield with the idea being to keep a farming theme for their next (pub?).

-Officer Nick Thompsen of Troutdale police implemented a G.R.E.A.T. program at Walt Morey Middle School to prevent children from making bad choices, namely drugs, alcohol and gangs.

-Local police and volunteers raised $37,000 for the Oregon Special Olympics, and collected 204 barrels of toys for poor families over Christmas.

-Fire and Medical Emergency Services responded to 1204 calls: 31 fire, and 861 EMS calls.

-Police disposed of 168 pounds of unwanted prescription drugs.

Looking forward

-“Our Renewal Area deserves our attention and priority this year and next year.”

-In 2014, the mayor will initiate seven to eight mayor’s forums with individual neighborhoods to increase grass roots citizen engagement.

-“I would really like to elevate Troutdale as a major art destination on the level of three cities I have visited — Santa Fe, N.M., Jackson Hole, Wyo., and Loveland, Colo.”