Newly installed gate is out of service for repair after a man drove though it

A truck will be used to block entry to the Multnomah Falls parking lot while one of the recently installed automatic gates damaged last weekend is being repaired.

Don Hamilton, spokesman for the Oregon Department of Transportation, said the agency has used trucks in the past to close the exit and prevent dangerous backups on eastbound Interstate 84.

Exit 31 will be closed when the parking lot nears capacity. Lot closures are usually needed only on busy weekends, ODOT officials said.

In the past, cars lining up on the offramp waiting for parking have caused delays and crashes, Hamilton said.

A new gate ODOT installed Memorial Day weekend was broken when a man drove through it Saturday, May 31.

When it's fixed, the gate will close automatically when the lot has only 15 spaces open, as measured by automatic traffic counters, and will reopen when there are 30 spaces open.

Two electronic signs will activate on eastbound I-84 when the exit is closed, one sign a half-mile west of the popular tourist attraction and the other prior to the lot.

Hamilton said motorists should not stop on I-84 when Exit 31 is closed, but should continue east and either find alternate parking or return when the lot is open.

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