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City Council responds to the increase in recreational vehicles parking on streets.

FILE PHOTO - An illegally parked camper sits near Clear Creek Middle School.The Gresham City Council voted unanimously to approve a decision to curb the influx of recreational vehicles illegally parked on city streets during a meeting Tuesday afternoon, May 16.

Effective immediately, Council Bill 06-17 will require permits to park RVs on city streets, allowing for the vehicle to remain in place for 72 hours. Those without permits will receive a notice in warning, followed by the RV being towed away 24 hours later.

The permits are free and available online.

"The entire Portland metropolitan region has seen a sharp uptick in illegally parked RVs on neighborhood streets, heavily impacting safety, livability and transportation mobility," said Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis in a release. "This code change gives us the tools we need to handle these situations expediently, without overly burdening residents who are temporarily loading or unloading their RVs."

RV parking violations have been a growing problem for the city. In 2015 Gresham tracked 74 code enforcement cases related to RVs, and that number rose to 212 in 2016. Current City Code already imposes a 72-hour limit on RV parking, but it is difficult to monitor and enforce without the permit system.

"Establishing this process will help the city accurately track and enforce the duration and frequency of RV parking throughout the city, and will enable the city to be more responsive to citizen complaints of illegal parking," said Eric Schmidt, Gresham community development director.

The new ordinance allows parking of RVs immediately adjacent to occupied single-family homes or duplexes. The online application requires a utility bill account number and license plate number. There is also a cap of six permits a year per resident.

Permits will not be required for immediate loading and unloading.

For more information, and to apply for a permit, visit www.GreshamOregon.gov/RV-Parking-Permit.

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