Sweetbriar Elementary was defaced by racist graffiti and vandalism, witnesses say.

COURTESY LARRY MORGAN - An example of hateful and racist graffiti reported at Sweetbriar Elementary school in Troutdale on Sunday, Sept. 3. This image has been edited by the Pamplin Media Group. Hateful graffiti and vandalism was reported at two elementary schools in Troutdale on Sunday, Sept. 3.

The spray-painted words use a expletive followed by an offensive racial slur for African Americans.

Eyewitnesses said there were several phrases painted on the exterior of buildings at the Sweetbriar Elementary school complex, 501 S.E. Sweetbriar Lane, as well as some other damage to the property. Troutdale Elementary, 648 S.E. Harlow Ave., was also defaced.

Troutdale City Councilor Larry Morgan told The Outlook he was eating breakfast on his front porch when he heard the news.

The 26-year-old saw the damage in person at Sweetbrier while walking his two dogs, Percy Harvin and Russell Wilson, who are both named for Seattle Seahawks football players.

FILE PHOTO - Troutdale City Councilor Larry MorganHe called the graffiti "sobering."

"Many people will discount or discredit this as a couple of teenage kids up to no good," he said. "And my response is — those kids have parents and siblings. And these kinds of behaviors are often times learned or taught."

"They're not acceptable, but we can be better if we don't tolerate this," he continued.

An email to the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, which patrols Troutdale, was not returned immediately on Sunday. Police are aware of the incident.

Morgan, the only African American ever elected to Troutdale City Hall, says the current incident calls to mind another case of malicious vandalism that occurred here in East Multnomah County.

In March, a man of Baha'i faith returned from vacation to find his Troutdale home coated in racist and offensive graffiti, which incorrectly labeled him as Muslim.

Hasel Afshar —the 33-year-old targeted by the bias crime — has been living in Iran recently, according to filmmaker Robinson Devour, who is working on a documentary about hate crimes.

Despite national media attention and a large reward for information, the crime has never been solved. There is no evidence so far suggesting the two incidents are related.

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