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Glenn White: Loves Troutdale community

Running for Troutdale City Council, Position 4 -

OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - Glenn WhiteName: Glenn White

Running for: Troutdale City Council, Position 4

Education: Attended Green River Community College for business administration.

Prior governmental experience: A sitting member of the Troutdale City Council since 2008. Served as the vice chair of the Troutdale Citizen’s Advisory Committee from 2003 to 2008. Co-founded the Troutdale River Safety Committee in 2001. Member of the Troutdale Open For Business subcommittee in 2012.

Career: Retired, but last worked as a truck driver and mechanic for Sunshine Dairy.

Family: Married with two children: Clint, 32, and Shannon, 30.

Age: 53

Hobbies: Enjoys organic gardening, swimming and fishing.

Note: This Q-and-A has been condensed for clarity and brevity.

Why are you running? I love my community. We all listen to each other and help each other out. That’s what good friends do. I want to continue to represent them and make sure their voice is heard.

Has the council made mistakes? I stand behind my votes and always put citizens first. There were many times I wished some of my colleagues would have allowed more involvement of the people and a more transparent process.

Thoughts on the Urban Renewal Area? Everyone on council is for urban renewal. The question is and remains how do we get there and at what expense to Troutdale and its citizens. I know it has been 10 years, but (the URA) has been progressing the whole time.

What about Imagination Station? If you don’t give people all the information, you’re going to get the wrong answer. I think when people have all the information before them they can make the proper decision. I want (the park) to be what the community wants more than anything. It’s for them. It’s their park.

Whats the role of transparency? I think the best way to get involved is to actually go to a council meeting, and that’s about as transparent as it gets. I’m proud of my record and I can stand behind it.

Thoughts on the West Columbia Gorge Chamber? I cannot participate in a process that all the chamber members do not get to vote on. Ninety-four percent of towns our size understand that endorsements of candidates are divisive and can potentially hurt business.

How do you lead? Each councilor is responsible for his or her vote. We need to listen to the people and have an open process.

Thoughts on your opponent? I respect Rob’s years of volunteer service.

What about the presidential election? I feel the best government is local government. It’s the only government that the voice of the people can influence.

How will you get more people involved with local politics? Troutdale is blessed with a lot volunteers. I will advocate for a city community calendar with dates for Council meetings, committee meetings, special events and volunteer opportunities.

What’s your favorite thing about Troutdale? I think the Troutdale community spirit, its volunteers, the scenic beauty, and access to nature and recreation are my favorites things.

Are you pro-growth? Troutdale is near built out. It has a special landscape and its development should be thoughtfully planned for our current livability and the future.