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Troutdale will consider other waste removal services

The Troutdale City Council doesn’t have an issue with Waste Management, but will consider other franchise options for garbage and recycling services before the city’s contract expires at the end of 2015.

Waste Management is the company that provides residential and commercial garbage-collection and disposal services in Troutdale.

City Manager Craig Ward asked the council for direction at the Feb. 10 meeting, and was greeted with a consensus to explore other options.

“I just asked a question of the council and they said they wanted us to go out for a competitive process,” Ward said.

Councilor Eric Anderson said they owe it to the city and themselves to explore the options available.

“We like Waste Management, but if we can get a better deal for our citizens from someone else, we’d be foolish to not look anywhere else,” Anderson said.

Councilor John Wilson agreed.

“Our due diligence to the city of Troutdale is to make sure we’re not overlooking something in looking at other companies,” Wilson said. “(It’s to see) if we can save some money or to tell us that Waste Management is where we need to stay. With anything, when something is coming up for a renewal, you need to look at other companies.”

Troutdale, Wood Village, Gresham and other nearby cities contract with Waste Management, with the exception of Fairview, which contracts with Twelve Mile Disposal. The potential providers are unknown at this time, but Twelve Mile could be a consideration.

Ward said it may not be as simple to find a different provider.

“Waste Management has installed bungee cords on our trash bins. That might seem odd,” he said.

The bungee cords keep trash inside the bins when faced with East County winds.

“We’ve had situations where trash cans were either falling over or the lids were opening up and trash was spilling, so we required Waste Management to put bungee cords on our trash cans. I have no doubt that’s been part of the success for reducing litter in our city.”

But that requirement may either not be desired by residents, or may cause other companies to cost more than Waste Management.

“That’s a meeting we will have to discuss with City Council, if that requirement they want to continue and the firm that bids will understand going into it that’s an unusual characteristic of trash pickup in Troutdale,” Ward said.

Although the contract doesn’t end for 10 months, Ward said the city will need all of that time to select the provider and get a contract in place and implemented.

“By the time we go through the process of deciding what we want in our franchise and putting it out to bid and answering questions … and execute a contract, they have to have time to put their contract in place all to begin Jan. 1, (2016),” he said. “It may seen like a long time, but the actuality is when you factor into other work staff has to do, City Council has to do and for the potential franchise, we need that amount of time.”


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