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How is the mayor different than a city councilor?

Published Sept. 30, 2016 -

FILE PHOTO - How is a mayor different than a city councilor?According to the Troutdale charter, the mayor is the “political head” of city government, but that doesn’t mean the leader has unlimited power.

In fact, the mayor isn’t all that different from a regular councilor. He or she gets only one vote, for instance.

But the mayor does nominate all Council appointments, including citizens looking for a spot on a city committee, and councilors who serve as city representatives on regional boards and intergovernmental agencies.

These appointments are still subject to the rest of the Council’s approval.

The mayor also sets the agenda for each Council meeting, sort of. Anyone can put something on the agenda (even a private citizen), simply by requesting so in writing to the city recorder.

Lastly, the mayor presides over city meetings. It’s his or her job to maintain order and enforce th rules.