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Candlelight vigil held for slain security guard

Mother of Luccas McNeill asks for memories of her son -

OUTLOOK PHOTO - A photo board at the vigil shows memories of Luccas McNeil.Friends and family of Luccas McNeill, the security guard shot and killed Aug. 7 in Portland, came together to share memories and hold a candlelight vigil in his honor Saturday night in Red Sunset Park.

“We wanted to show his mom and sister all of the people who loved him and remember him,” said Jenna Dougherty, one of the organizers of the vigil.

Laughter filled much of the night as many of the stories reminded all whom had gathered how much joy and happiness McNeill brought to those around him. Friends say he was always upbeat and cared for everyone.

“He would walk into a room and, no matter what, you couldn’t help but be happy,” said Dougherty, who was one of McNeill’s neighbors.

At the gazebo where the event was held, photos of McNeill were on display, along with a donation jar to help support the family. McNeill’s mother is asking anyone who knew him to send letters sharing memories and stories of her son.

Fellow security guards attended in uniform, with green lines across their badges to honor him.

The candles had Batman insignias, representing one of McNeill’s favorite characters and his nickname. It was a moniker he lived up to, always going out of his way to help others. He cared for both his disabled mother and sister, Lucy McNeil.

“My brother was my hero,” Lucy said. “It didn’t matter what the help was, he was there. He was an outstanding human being. Everyone loved him.”

Police still don’t know who killed McNeill, and are continuing to search for a suspect. Crime Stoppers Oregon has offered a reward to anyone who can help lead to an arrest. Though it’s difficult for his loved ones to move forward without knowing who killed him or why, they aren’t interested in seeking revenge. Instead, they want to make sure no one else has to go through what they have.

“Luccas would have wanted to know what was happening in that person’s life to make them do this,” Dougherty said.OUTLOOK PHOTO - Friends and family share stories about Luccas McNeil during a candlelight vigil in his memory Saturday night.