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Need for speed? Head to Eastern Oregon highways

COURTESY PHOTO: ODOT - New speed limit signs are ready to be installed along Interstate 84 east of The Dalles and other state highways in Eastern and Central Oregon.Starting Tuesday, drivers headed to Eastern Oregon will be able to zoooom much faster than they can in most of the Willamette Valley.

Oregon’s Department of Transportation increased starting March 1 speed limits on Interstate 84 east of The Dalles, Interstate 82 and other state highways in Eastern and Central Oregon. The legal limit is 70 mph for passenger vehicles and 65 mph for commercial trucks.

The new speed limits were part of legislation signed into law last year and early this month. The new laws boost speed limits on I-84 between the Idaho border and The Dalles and on I-82 between I-84 and the Washington border. These same speed limits will apply for U.S. 95 which runs through southern Malheur County between the Nevada and Idaho borders.

In addition, sections of eight other highways will get higher speed limits to 65 mph for passenger vehicles and 60 mph for trucks, including portions of U.S. 20, U.S. 26, U.S. 97, U.S. 197, U.S. 395, OR 31, OR 78, and OR 205.

New speed limit signs began popping up along the highways March 1. Oregon State Police warn that the new signs are the actual limit, which is different from the “basic speed rule” applied when no “limit” is indicated.

An ODOT map shows the new 70 mph speed limit for I-84 to the Idaho border.