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Rules don't 'go up in smoke' come July 1

When recreational marijuana was approved by Oregon voters in November, it left local governments and state lawmakers in a scramble. Though additional regulations have yet to be approved this session, there are known restrictions that recreational users need to be mindful of come July 1.

Under the purview of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, a new campaign has launched known as “What’s Legal Oregon,” to help users stay on the right side of the law.

n Recreational marijuana use is only legal for people 21 years old or older.

n Recreational use is restricted to your home or a private property. Public use is illegal.

n Up to 8 ounces of usable marijuana is allowed per person in their home, and one ounce outside the home.

n Each residence can grow up to four plants as well — out of the public view.

n Driving while under the influence of marijuana is illegal.

n Marijuana is not allowed to be transported across state lines. Despite being legal in Washington, the rule still applies.

n You can share marijuana or give it away to other of-age users, but it cannot be sold or purchased until licensed retail shops open.

n Edible products are also legal, if made at home or received as a gift. Use is still restricted to private places.

For more information, visit WhatsLegalOregon.com.



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