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Fairview signs agreement for Halsey Corridor planning

With the approval of an intergovernmental agreement on April 20, the city of Fairview began the official Halsey Corridor planning process.

While the future of Northeast Halsey Street is unknown, talks to create a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing corridor connecting Fairview, Wood Village and Troutdale has inched its way to reality. The first step was a $100,000 grant from Metro regional government to begin the planning process. The next step is each city signing an intergovernmental agreement to participate in a study and build a committee to decide which entities should be responsible for what, and formulate what the Halsey Corridor vision should be.

“This will help us move forward with this project,” said Fairview planner Erika Palmer.

Once Wood Village and Troutdale sign IGAs, the plan is to form an oversight committee with representatives from all three cities — tentatively by June.

“I’m so happy we are this far,” said Fairview Mayor Ted Tosterud. “We’ve been waiting for how long to get this going?”