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Truck catches fire on lot of Nolan's tire business

PHOTO BY BRYAN FOSTER - A truck in the parking lot of Nolan's Tire Factory spontaneously combusted.A truck in the parking lot of the former Nolan's Tire Factory, 22045 S.E. Stark St., spontaneously combusted on Friday, April 15, causing damage to a tire trailer on the property.

"I started seeing smoke and ran out there trying to put it out but it was just engulfed in flames," said Dan Martinson, manager of the rebranded Nolan's Point S Tire & Auto Service. {img:108082}

He then called Gresham Fire Department, whose crews quickly were able to extinguish the flames.

Bryan Foster, a friend of the truck's owner, said the battery in the truck shorted out and caused it to catch on fire while the starter kept turning it over.

No one was injured from the incident. However, a tire trailer that was parked next to the truck also caught fire.

Smoke filled the street for a few hours after the incident, prompting many to post photos on social media sites of billowing black smoke.