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Campaign-weary locals weigh in during presidential debate watch

Viewers at bar feel arguments lack substance -

OUTLOOK PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - The Republican candidate sniffed copiously during the debate. Patrons of the Smoky Hearth Restaurant, Bar & Grill can usually depend upon the establishment for good food and television coverage of their favorite football team.

Not last Sunday night, however.

Cheering and high-fiving were noticeably absent among those who gathered Oct. 9 to watch the second debate for U.S. presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Most morosely munched fries and cobb salads while the two major-party candidates for the nation’s top political job sparred verbally for 90 minutes. Presented in a town hall format, the debate offered Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump the opportunity to field questions from audience members on matters of foreign policy, health care and email management.

Locals from the Sandy and Mount Hood corridor areas comprised a blend of supporters of both candidates, mixed in with some who were still uncommitted. The general consensus among onlookers at the Smoky Hearth, 16607 Champion Way, was bewilderment at how the election season could have sunk to such a low level of personal insults over substance.

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