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Troutdale voters to consider council, manager discussions

Troutdale voters have an extra measure to consider on the May 17 ballot.

Measure 26-172 intends to clarify what the mayor and council can discuss with the city manager.

The current charter language does not specify that city councilors can discuss city business — such as staffing concerns — with the city manager.

“In respecting this section, City Council members have erred on the side of caution,” City Attorney Ed Trompke wrote in the ballot packet. “They have hesitated to discuss such matters with the city manager, and have hesitated to share personal views about such matters. Concerns have arisen that honest disagreements might be construed as coercion. This cautionary approach discourages conversation, and may silence otherwise useful dialogue.”

The proposed charter amendment would clarify that councilors may discuss concerns with the city manager, provided their actions do not coerce the city manager into taking actions he or she might not otherwise take.