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Troutdale ends trial period for dog parks due to waste

Following a trial period of allowing on-leash dogs at Kiki and Lewellyn parks that resulted in an increase in dog waste left behind, Troutdale’s parks and facilities superintendent concluded the parks will revert back to their previous no-canines policy.

“We will be returning both parks to a ‘no dogs allowed’ policy,” said superintendent Tim Seery. “Throughout the trial period we observed an increase in the amount of dog waste being left behind as well as witnessing many dogs running unattended,” he said. “We are disappointed for the many responsible dog owners who did their part to make it work.”

Last summer, Seery was optimistic about Troutdale’s parks. He began a trial program allowing on-leash dogs at both Kiku and Lewellyn parks beginning in June. The trial was sparked by resident outcry for more dog-friendly parks — only Sunrise Park and Beaver Creek Greenway are accessible for four-footed pals.

“It’s about time,” Seery said when the trial started. “Everyone seems to be responsible, and they pick up after themselves. That’s all I really ask is be responsible and pick up after yourself, and that’s what the people are doing, which is wonderful. I own a dog, and I always pick up after it. That’s part of the business.”

The trial concluded this month, and the results were not as favorable as Seery had hoped for.

Many visitors were rude when asked to clean up after their animals, he noted.

“It is truly sad that the few ruin it for the many.”

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