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Mystery shrouds West Powell Boulevard stabbing

Victim refused to cooperate with police -

FILE PHOTO - A Gresham Police cruiser.Officers from the Gresham Police Department responded to a reported stabbing on West Powell on Friday, Aug. 5, where the victim had been wounded on the hand by an unknown assailant, police said — but after they arrived on scene, the story began making less sense.

“The victim’s story was lacking details and clarity, as have other stories he’s told to police in the past,” said John Rasmussen, spokesman for Gresham police. “He’s had quite a few police contracts and is on probation for drug offenses.”

According to police, the victim was only able to give a vague description of the suspect, saying he was in his mid-20s, 5-foot-8, and wore blue clothes. The victim claims he didn’t know who the man was, only that he wanted to fight him for an unknown reason.

Police say the victim refused medical attention and wanted to leave their presence.

“He walked to the nearby Plaid Pantry, reportedly to buy some cigarettes,” Rasmussen said. “For an unknown reason the victim disappeared out the back door of the store.”

Police searched the area for a suspect but were unable to find anything. The case is currently suspended.