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Wood Village pot shop seeks conditional-use permit

Despite filing for a conditional-use permit with the city of Wood Village for a medical marijuana shop, Aaron Michelsen said he’s still fighting with the city about the need for the permit to begin with.

Earlier this summer, Michelsen opened a shop, NW Compassion Medical Center on Northeast 238th Drive, without the permit the city requires. This led to a citation from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, which Michelsen said was dropped on Sept. 2, in addition to warnings from the city to comply with the permitting ordinance.

“I talked to a lawyer, and the lawyer advised me to tackle it in two directions,” Michelsen said.

The first is to continue fighting the conditional use permit for his dispensary business, at which he currently sells medical marijuana. The other is to file for a conditional-use permit with the city for the same location, but under a different name: Another Day in Paradise Garden Supply, Inc.

“I filled it out using my other company’s information to protect the rights I have regarding the unretroactive ordinances, which should not be enforceable to NW Compassion Medical Center,” he said.

Michelsen has alleged discrimination from the city against his business, and said he hopes the maneuver will either resolve the situation or provide evidence of discrimination.

“Either they get the money they want and go away, or if they don’t (go away) they are telling me they don’t want me here,” he said.

Michelsen said he also decided to file for the conditional use permit because another tenant in his building filed a permit application to sell marijuana.

Wood Village City Manager Bill Peterson said the second application will not be processed because it was unsigned by the building owner. Michelsen’s application has been reviewed, but the city has provided an extensive list of additional information that must be provided by Sept. 8.

Otherwise, Michelsen’s permit hearing Sept. 28 will be rescheduled.

The list of required information includes an explanation of the relationship between Another Day in Paradise Garden Supply and NW Compassion, an outline of business hours, signage, evidence that there would be no significant adverse impact to nearby residential land and distances from the business to schools, parks and other marijuana facilities.

Michelsen said he intends to follow through with the city’s request and continue in the conditional-use permit process.

“I’m fighting them from NW Compassion Medical Center. I still have rights, and I’m not going to give them up,” he said. “But I’m coming at them from another angle as well.”

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