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Community members share pieces of record-setting mosaic

Block creation set world record before dismantling -

OUTLOOK PHOTO - Before being deconstructed and recycled, members of the community could take sections of the mosaic as keepsakes.Just 20 days after its completion, the painted mosaic of 14,400 wooden blocks — created during the Gresham Art Festival to claim the event’s second Guinness World Record in a row — has been deconstructed.

After being put together in the middle of Third Street on July 16, the mural was transported and reassembled outside Gresham City Hall so those who missed the festival could see the painting. It depicts the view that will be seen from the proposed Gresham Butte Lookout site.

“It’s like a sandcastle,” said Guy Edwards of Brainjar Media, who created the design of the mosaic. “You build it up and the ocean will eventually wash it away. It had a well-documented lifespan, and a birth where everyone could see it.”

It was always part of the plan to dismantle the creation after the final viewing. The public was given one last opportunity to come by and take sections, comprising 25 blocks, as mementos. In total about one-fourth of the mosaic was taken, mostly by the families who worked to paint it.

“Lots of people took parts home as mementos,” Edwards said, “so the memory will live on in lots of households.”

Edwards and his staff took three sets of tiles, randomly chosen from the design.

“We like how each of those 25 tiles looks random, and it’s not until you put them together with all the rest that you realize what it once was,” Edwards said.

The rest of the blocks will be removed individually from the cardboard backing used to keep them together. The cardboard will be recycled, and the wood waste will be taken to Allwood Recycling, where it will be used as “hog fuel” — processed through a chipper to produce coarse wood chips.