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Police seek man who contacted young girl

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FILE PHOTO - Anyone who witnessed the incident on Aug. 29 should contact the police tip line at 503-618-2719.
Gresham Police are looking to identify and speak with a man who reportedly approached a young girl Monday, Aug. 29, asking if she wanted to accompany him to his home.

According to police, the stranger did not have any physical contact with the 6-year-old, but followed her for a short distance before fleeing after the girl yelled “no” and ran away.

The unwanted interaction happened between 5:30 and 6 p.m. in the 1700 block of Northwest Division Street. The girl had been playing with her friend in an adjoining neighborhood when she heard talking on a pedestrian access path that connects Northwest Division Street with Northwest Bella Vista Place, police say. Disobeying her parent’s rules, the girl went up the path due to curiosity.

The person she encountered is described as a 30-year-old thin, white man, with dark hair and a star-looking tattoo on his face. He was wearing a green shirt and black shorts. Investigators wish to speak with him to better understand what happened.

The girl is safe, credited to her bravery and remembering what her parents taught her about strangers, police say.

Gresham officers speak throughout the school year in many classrooms, talking with students about stranger danger. They provide younger students with coloring books that explain topics like strangers, guns and traffic safety to help parents facilitate open dialog. A copy of this coloring book is available at the police department’s records desk.

Officers also talk with students and parents about the concerns around internet, social media and technology safety.

Anyone who witnessed the incident on Aug. 29, or has information about the person of interest, is encouraged to contact the police tip line at 503-618-2719.