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Pedestrian safety mission scheduled for July 22

The Gresham Police Department will be conducting a Pedestrian Safety Operation on July 22 at the intersection of West Powell Blvd and Junction Place. The primary focus of this detail is to raise pedestrian safety awareness of drivers and pedestrians through education and enforcement of pedestrian right-of-way laws. The detail will be conducted from 4 - 8 p.m.; warning signs will be posted prior to entering the pedestrian safety operation zone. Education of both drivers and pedestrians are vital to keeping our roads safe. Motorists must stop and yield to pedestrians who are waiting to cross or are crossing the roadway. Motorists are also required to stop at all crosswalks when there is a vehicle already stopped in a lane adjacent to the lane they are traveling in.

Funding for this pedestrian safety detail is made possible through a grant from the Oregon Impact and the Oregon Department of Transportation. Additional missions will be scheduled during the summer and again in September as the new school year begins.