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Video of skateboarder break-in draws laughs worldwide

20-year-old is arrested after failing to get his skateboard back

A local young man’s failed attempt to break into the Troutdale Police station to retrieve his skateboard has been broadcast across the Internet, and the world is having a laugh.

The video police released showing the man — identified as a 20-year-old Wood Village resident — tumbling into a backward somersault as he yanks off the front door handle of the police department made local headlines, the New York Daily News and LiveLeak.com, a United Kingdom-based video sharing website.

Posted on LiveLeak, a website that came to prominence in 2007 following the unauthorized filming and leaking of the execution of Saddam Hussein, the video accrued 45,000 views and 671 comments.

Nathanial Mirelez was arrested at his home Monday morning, March 24, and lodged at the Multnomah County Detention Center on charges of attempted burglary, criminal mischief and theft, said Sgt. Steve Bevens, Troutdale Police spokesman.

Mirelez allegedly told police he wanted to get his skateboard back when he tried to break into the police station Saturday, March 22.

Police had confiscated his skateboard for “safekeeping” when Mirelez was arrested Saturday morning for shoplifting, Bevens said.

His defiance of the law wasn’t over.

Saturday afternoon, donning a skull-embroidered jean vest, green cap and a pink bandanna around his ankle, Mirelez allegedly made a casual entrance into the Troutdale Police station.

The scene was recorded by police security cameras inside the entryway. Officers quickly recognized the suspect as the same guy arrested for shoplifting that morning.

In the video, a young man tries to open the inside door, but because the office is closed on weekends, it’s locked.

He turns around and hits the handicapped button on another wall, opening the door he already came through.

He tries the wooden door next to it. It’s locked.

Pushes more buttons. Nothing happens.

The suspect then braces himself against the locked double doors. Putting his left tennis shoe on the door for leverage, he pulls at the handle with his entire weight.

Fifty-two seconds into his break-in attempt, the handle snaps off and sends the young man flying backward.

His cap and glasses fall off.

It takes a few seconds for him to compose himself.

He puts his glasses back on, then his hat.

Struggling to get up, the suspect uses the broken handle to push himself off the floor.

He stands, rubs his shin and limps out the front door, handle in his hand.

Police discovered the door handle missing later that night.

A 24-hour video surveillance showed Troutdale Police all they needed to know to make an arrest.

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