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Gunshot victim wasn't playing Pokemon Go

Police determine woman had no phone, so couldn't have been playing the mobile game -

FILE PHOTO - A local man plays Pokemon Go in July. Gresham police say a 34-year-old woman lied to them when claiming she had been shot while playing Pokemon Go — a popular mobile game that encourages players to go outside and is notorious for being distracting — early morning Monday, Sept. 5.

Detectives are still trying to figure out exactly where the shooting occurred, as there were no reports of shots fired in Gresham, police say.

The victim was located by police shortly before 2:30 a.m. in the area of Northwest Battaglia and Northwest 1st Avenue. Paramedics took the woman to a hospital where she was treated for a gunshot to the torso. She is expected to survive.

According to police, the woman initially claimed she was playing the game when a dark colored sedan drove by and shot her. But officers determined the woman didn’t have a phone, so she couldn’t have been playing Pokemon Go as she claimed.

Officers learned the woman called 911 after walking to a friend’s house. She then fled the area, but was eventually located by police. Further confusing the situation, the woman provided a fake name, as she had a warrant out for her arrest. According to police she had violated her parole after previously being convicted of drug possession.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the Gresham Police Department or the non-emergency phone line at 503-823-3333.

Police do not believe the shooting was a stranger-on-stranger incident. The woman’s name has not been released.