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Troutdale may appoint councilor tonight

Although the appointment isn’t official, Troutdale could have a new city councilor Tuesday night.

Following interviews and deliberations March 14, the council’s tentative pick to replace Councilor Eric Anderson is Brian Sheets.

Anderson submitted his resignation in January, effective March 31, citing an expanding work responsibilities. His term ends Dec. 31.

The council debated waiting to fill Anderson’s seat until the November election, but ultimately decided to make an appointment. It extended the application deadline and the list of candidates nearly doubled from five to nine.

Last week, the council spent 20 minutes talking with Sheets, Randy Lauer, Richard Goldie, Matt Leamy, Victoria Rizzo, Brian Sheets, Josh Moriarty, Zach Hudson, Warren Wasson and Corey Brooks.

But when it came time to narrow the field and possibly come to a decision, the council’s longstanding division showed. An initial “top three” from each councilor put Sheets at the top, followed by Moriarty and Hudson.

Anderson participated in the vote and discussion, initially a controversy with some council members. When Mayor Doug Daoust asked if the council could live with either Sheets or Moriarty, Anderson didn't vote for either, “But I don’t have to (live with them),” he said.

No candidate was the clear standout despite the initial opinion, so the council moved its considerations to the “second tier.”

“I want us to come to an agreement tonight so we don’t argue with it on the 22nd,” said Mayor Doug Daoust.

Many of the council favored Rizzo, and the idea of having a woman councilor, but ultimately came to the same conclusion that others were better suited.

“What I want to do is go back to, this is not easy, but to the person that got the most votes and that was Brian Sheets,” Daoust said. “He got the most votes for getting in the top three, I can’t ignore that.”

Sheets is currently vice chairman of the budget committee and is on the planning commission.

“I think, I really do think, that Brian can walk both sides of the line, I really do,” Daoust said.

After an hour of back and forth the council reluctantly agreed to place the appointment on its consent agenda for Tuesday, March 22. As of Monday however, no name has been assigned to the appointment. It’s also possible that the appointment could be pulled from the consent agenda for further discussion.

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