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Attack mailer distorts Wand's intent


Different election. Same story. The acidic nature of campaign mailers has reared its ugly head again in East County, and the target is Rep. Matt Wand, R-Troutdale, who is running to retain his representation of District 49.

A recent mailer went out declaring that Wand “will stand in the way of women getting the medical care they deserve.”

That’s a lie.

The topic of the attack piece was Wand’s support of Senate Bill 901. The mailer would have voters believe that Wand’s support of the bill was evidence that Wand is eager to take away a woman’s right to make her own medical choices.

The message of the mailer is a distortion of the intent of the bill. For the record, SB 901 is not an anti-abortion bill. Its intent was to strengthen the rules about the operation of abortion clinics, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of care provided by those clinics.

SB 901 evolved out of a set of circumstances that unfolded in Philadelphia, where an abortion clinic was closed and its operator was indicted on eight counts of murder. The people of Philadelphia later learned that inspections of these clinics were supposed to be complaint driven, but complaints about unsanitary conditions and poor medical care were going ignored by the state government.

With the Philadelphia case making national headlines, SB 901 surfaced in Oregon as a way to ensure abortion clinics were included in the definition of “ambulatory surgical center.” That would group abortion clinics with such clinics as those that offer plastic surgery.

What’s that mean? It means that abortion clinics, like hospitals and outpatient clinics, are subject to regular inspections that don’t depend on complaints. In other words, abortion clinics will be held to a high standard of care, regardless of whether anyone lodges a formal complaint.

Wand agreed that SB 901 made sense, and he was happy to lend his support to this bill.

Wand has never signed on to the Oregon Right to Life cause, and has never made abortion an issue during his efforts to be elected.

We recommend that voters in House District 49 do the wise thing by ignoring this attack mailer as just another politically motivated lie.