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Re-elect Jones to Fairview council

The candidate forum season has come to a close for this year and I wish to comment upon the Fairview City Council race of Barbara Jones and Ken Quinby.

As a recent appointee to the Fairview Council, I am generally amazed and awed by the dedication Jones exhibits in and around the city.

As a new wide-eyed councilor, Jones made herself available day or night to mentor my transition from private to public life.

It was her dedication to the people of Fairview that drove her to re-establish the Fairview on the Green Festival after being canceled the previous year under the failed Fairview Community Arts Committee.

Her love of parks and interaction with the parks committee was pivotal in the rehabilitation of Salish Ponds.

Her stern, pragmatic leadership helped guide the city through troubled financial times by weighting short and long term goals and making the tough decisions. The qualities that Barbara Jones brings to the table stand in sharp contrast to her challenger.

In my eight months as councilor I have not seen or heard Quinby offer viable solutions to the many issues facing the city, nor have I seen him at any of the committee meetings seeking collaboration or support from our many volunteer groups.

Fairview City Council is not a dictatorship, an army of one nor do we “fight the man.” It is a dedicated group of public volunteers that requires dialog and consensus to achieve solutions for the betterment of the people. Quinby is not the person Fairview needs in the coming years to address the many issues we face.

Please vote with me in keeping a truly dedicated public servant on Fairview City Council. Vote Barbara Jones.

Brian Cooper, Fairview City Council

Kight’s term is example of failed leadership

Jim Kight’s expiring four year term as mayor of Troutdale is mercifully coming to an end.

His term was a prime example of failed leadership, primarily because Kight thought he wasn’t required to abide by the same rules and regulations with which all of the rest of us must comply.

Thus, a Shed B became a rather large house against building codes which would have restricted any other citizen.

His leadership also failed because he used poor judgment while voting on important policy matters.

For example, contrary to his statements implying that he had something to do with FedEx Ground locating in Troutdale, in fact, as a city councilor in 2007, he voted against FedEx by opposing the creation of an enterprise zone that would allow for a tax abatement that FedEx required.

He has had little or nothing to do with business growth. Contrary to another one of Kight’s assertions, Troutdale has had a fully accredited police department long before Kight became mayor.

Also, none of his statements implying that he was instrumental in the completion of highway and interchange projects are true as planning for these projects occurred long before Kight became mayor and others did the heavy lifting.

I could go on and on.

Suffice it to say that Jim Kight’s lack of respect for rules and regulations as they apply to him had a tendency to breed corruption.

In parades there’s always a “pooper scooper” to clean up after the horses. It’s too bad there isn’t such a service available to follow behind Mayor Jim Kight.

Elect Doug Daoust as Troutdale’s next mayor.

Paul Thalhofer, former Troutdale mayor

Spinnett has my vote for Damascus mayor

Can Damascus return to some semblance of adulthood, rationality and decency ... PLEASE?

In his mind, perhaps it takes a big man to frighten three women. And by all accounts, he was a big man. He stomped onto the garage sale lawn, ranting about the nerve of a local homeowner to put up a “Steve Spinnett for Mayor” sign on her property.

The elderly homeowner whom he accosted and towered over believes he waited till the men drove away before approaching.

Then he stormed in, advanced much too closely for comfort, assumed a menacing posture while swinging his arms around his head, proclaiming, “Don’t you know Steve Spinnett beats up women?”

Frightened by his aggressive manner and body language, and in fear for her well-being, the verbally assaulted resident didn’t dare answer a word.

If not intimidated, she would undoubtedly have ordered the man off her property, or suggested that the mayor be invited to discuss the allegations.

This unidentified man has been seen around Damascus vandalizing “Spinnett for Mayor” campaign signs.

You don’t suppose that in some people’s minds, the best way to defeat a candidate is to slander him?

I address myself directly to this coward who sneaks around vandalizing Spinnett’s campaign signs (to date, 149 have been slashed or stolen) and looking for undefended women to intimidate.

Has your right to free speech been withheld? If you believe the mayor is a malefactor, say so in the open. Because you choose to accost vulnerable women to render your accusations of people behind their backs — and without leaving your name behind — are you not a slanderer, a coward, a bully and a dangerous lunatic?

I remember Dee Wescott — the father of Damascus — asking, “Why would we want the idiots from Gresham or Happy Valley to make our decisions for us when we have our own idiots right here?”

Having begun our foundation upon the ideals of self-determination, are we going to end up blindly rolling over for Metro to control us?

If what Metro wants is so good for Damascus, why is our city council trying to keep us in the dark as they negotiate our future for us?

If we are going to make informed decisions, shouldn’t we be informed?

I prefer when deeds and those who do them can bear the scrutiny of light.

Mayor Spinnett, I am not ashamed to say that you and your POW team candidates — Phegley, O’Brien and Wehr — have my vote.

Martin D. Carlson, Damascus

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