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Shame visits Gresham

Just when I think our fair city is becoming more enlightened, fair-minded and safe, I read with sadness about the disgusting actions perpetrated by the very people I wish to support, the small business owners. I try to support local businesses.

I have been to Sweet Cakes by Melissa and Best Burger one time each, on the recommendation of The Outlook. Now I wish my daughter and I hadn’t frequented either establishment.

Sweet Cakes owners are unabashedly homophobic, and the owner of Best Burger has several sex abuse convictions. The operators of these businesses bring shame to this city.

I grew up in and continue to live in Gresham. I just wish I wasn’t embarrassed to admit it.

Sue Cowan, Gresham

Jesus taught love, not cruelty

Someone needs to make the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa and their supporters in Gresham aware of Jesus’ teaching that the most important acts we do as Christians should reflect love of God and our fellow human beings.

He also warned about the error in arrogantly usurping God’s prerogative to judge, in light of our own imperfections.

If people feel homosexual acts are wrong, by all means they should refrain from doing them. But people with a robust faith don’t feel threatened by the acceptance of gays and lesbians, who as God’s creatures are equally worthy of love.

To invoke Jesus’ name to justify acting cruelly is contrary to scripture and, it seems to me, an especially perilous violation of the commandment to love. Possibly the bakery owners felt compelled to take a stand for their brand of moral purity, but really, it’s just a cake.

Nancy Molina, Gresham

Embarrassed for Gresham

Concerning your story on Sweet Cakes by Melissa in downtown Gresham: Gays choose that lifestyle just like bigots choose to be bigots.

Wait, no, gays do not choose, but bigots choose to be bigots.

Imagine a Muslim bakery refusing to serve a Christian.

I am embarrassed for my city to have this bigotry going on. Perhaps it is best for my gay son to live in New York City after all.

Beverly Hanset-Burch, Gresham